Adelaide City Council to vote on East-West Bikeway route and delivery this Tuesday

Public needed to show support

Dear valued members and supporters,

It is now or never for the promised east-west bikeway. If you want a greener, more attractive and more accessible city join us at this Tuesday's Council meeting and help us hold Councillors accountable.

We will meet outside Adelaide Town Hall this Tuesday December 15 and then enter the chamber to watch. The meeting starts at 5pm but we would like to gather from 4:30pm. Feel free to bring signs.

FB event link - please share: East-West Bikeway Rally | Facebook

In 8 years the City Council Members have delivered 5 blocks of bikeways with their decision-making. They have repeatedly delayed the East-West but promised it would be delivered.

Tuesday's vote will tell us - were they telling us the truth?

The vote will be very tight. Many Councillors remain hostile to the needs of people that do not drive to the city. We need to show that people want more than car parks on our streets!!!

The proposed route is Franklin/Flinders to Gawler Place/Gawler Place/Wakefield St. Our preference is a direct route along Flinders but we do not think this is possible.

We therefore ask you to support the compromise deal. It will deliver the first low stress cycle route opening up access for riders from the east and west.

To view all details on what is proposed view from page 99.

The media has only reported on car parking loss but the excellent staff report details:

1. How this bikeway fits with the cities strategic goals to increase people, is budgeted for, and discussed in all key Council strategic documents.

2. The success of the Frome Street Bikeway in increasing rider numbers.

3. The economic benefit of bikeways and their importance in attracting younger people to the city.

4. That cities throughout Australia are far ahead of Adelaide in delivering a safe bike network with successful results.

5. That further delays will see council handing back millions of state government funding at a time where they are in the worst financial position they have been in in history including having to lay off staff (that wasn't mentioned in the report obviously).

6. Data on car parking numbers and utilisation as well as traffic volumes. It shows parking demand can be met with less car parks as the current car parks aren't used to capacity and that traffic volumes will also be accommodated.

Space taken by parked cars will be re-allocated to the bikeway. The bikeway will encourage many more people to move from their cars to bikes. This then means there is less competition for the many remaining car parks (48,000 in the City - double that of Sydney).

7. A safe design for bike riders allowing for a 2.5m wide bikeway with some pinch points.

8. The bigger picture of the bike network showing a number of safe protected access points for riders to reach the parklands.

9. Other street benefits including plans for greening over a number of years to make the streets more appealing to people and better for business.

10. A best practice iterative delivery approach and consultation which will see the bikeway delivered with improvements made over time. This approach has been successfully used in Australia and overseas.


Only 36% of city visitors come by car. They are given around 85% of street space.

64% come by public transport, walking and cycling. They are given around 15% of street space.

Every east west street gives drivers space and safety.

More people deserve the opportunity to choose cycling - safety (real and perceived) matters when deciding to ride.

What's the key message? Bikeways are a transport solution not a transport problem.

We are proud to bike. We will speak up for our safety, for our city and for our environment! Join us!

Please follow advice on Covid-19 social distancing.

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