"Just start" isn't always the way. 
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Happy Thursday Beautiful,

I am one of those coaches who advocates starting as the secret weapon. I say that action trumps everything. That when you’re stuck, you should just start. That the secret is to raise your hand and say yes, that you’ll figure everything else out as you go along. 


Sometimes just start isn’t the answer. 

Well. I take that back. Just start is almost always the answer, but, sometimes, it looks different than we think it should. 

It's easy to think that just start looks like moving to France. Or telling your jerk of a boss to shove it. Or doing the oft-talked about leaping and keeping your fingers crossed that the net will appear. 

But, there's a better way. 

It's not as sexy to talk about, but most of the time starting looks like quiet contemplation. Like taking a deep breath and committing to figuring out some of the shit that's been holding you back for way too long. To sitting with the discomfort of it all and finally taking a close look at what you want from this crazy thing called life.

We all want our own business. We think that creative entrepreneurship is the answer but we don’t want to do the work to figure out the what behind the why

Instead, everyone wants to be a life coach! Or a professional lifestyle blogger! Or start an etsy shop! 

Because the people who are doing it well make it look so very easy. And there's an unspoken tension that arises when we start and expect it to be as easy for us as those other people (who've been putting in years of work) make it look. 

The key is to figure out your own unique brand of greatness. To get serious about what you want from your life, about how you want to show up in this world. About what you have to offer - and trust that it's okay if it looks different from what everyone else is already offering. 

And then you can do the starting that we can all see from the outside. The starting that, to us, looks like a giant leap or a big first step or the boldest of moves, but to you, since you started with the knowing, is actually just a culmination of the work you've gotten comfortable with doing. 

We're all ready for you to give it a go. Are you?

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

PS. If you've ever dreamed of starting a business of your own and want to do the quiet part of your starting with structure and support, Michelle Ward, Erin Cassidy and I are cooking up something that will help you go from big dreams to legit biz in 6 months. It's Business Time starts March 30; sign up here to get first dibs at the application and all the info for our no-cost March 13 webinar What We Want You To Know About Starting a Business

Last week I interviewed graphic designer (and my branding secret weapon!) Erin Cassidy about how we came to work together and some of the raise your hand say yes moments in her life and career. We also talk about the creative evolution of her entrepreneurial journey and the things that she’s learned up until now.

Have a listen, and find out the things Erin learned when she went from safe-Master's-Degree-inspired-job-that-looked-great-on-paper to launching her own graphic design firm!

This week, the podcast was all about using your creativity as an asset, NOT a liability and I was thrilled to chat with Jennifer Lee, creator of the Right Brain Business Plan about how creative people can use theirs as such. 

Have a listen to find out all the secrets Jenn has learned from the thousands (!!) of creative entrepreneurs she's worked with. PS. We're also giving away a booster spot in Jenn's upcoming Right Brainers in Business Videosummit. To enter, leave a comment on this instagram post by March 1. A winner will be chosen at random. 
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