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Introducing the Glockmeister Tech Tips newsletter.

Each newsletter we will provide tips from our senior GLOCK armorers focusing on the performance and maintenance of GLOCK pistols.

This week we take a closer look at Trigger Reset; its  function and how to use it to increase your speed and accuracy.
Simply put, trigger reset is the point in a triggers return (after a shot has been fired) at which the gun's internal mechanisms are ready to fire again. Most semi-automatic pistols provide an audible "click" which you can sometimes hear or feel in the trigger. This "click" lets the user know that the pistol is ready to fire again.

Instead of letting the trigger come all the way forward after a shot, train yourself to keep the trigger pulled to the rear and slowly ease it forward until you feel or hear a "click". At this point, pull the trigger again. You should notice that there is almost no pre-travel and that the effort and movement needed to break the trigger is greatly reduced. This reduction in pre-travel and movement allows for extremely fast and accurate follow up shots. Most people will experience a major increase in accuracy when they start "shooting from the reset".

With practice, this method of shooting will become habit and you will be one step closer to mastering the GLOCK trigger.
Are you looking to lighten up the trigger pull on your GLOCK? These items will give you a lighter, cleaner trigger pull and can assist with accuracy and speed.


"Minus" Connector

The GLOCK "Minus" 4.5 Connector reduces trigger pull by 1 pound. Use in combination with the Competition Trigger Spring for a lighter trigger pull with an crisp, improved reset.



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3.5 Trigger Package

The Glockmeister 3.5 pound trigger job is a complete drop in system for your GLOCK. This kit features a 3.5 pound pull with a smooth take-up, crisp break and reduced reset. This is the ultimate trigger for GLOCK pistols.


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Glockmeister G349

Comp Trigger Spring

The Glockmeister Competition Trigger Spring reduces trigger pull by 1/2 pound and also improves the reset. Use in combination with the GLOCK "Minus" 4.5 Connector for a lighter trigger pull with an crisp, improved reset.


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Ghost Products

3.5 Connector

The Ghost 3.5 Connector will reduce trigger pull by 1 pound and is a great, cost effective alternative to the GLOCK "Minus" Connector.



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