Learn how the "Nudge Effect" can help motivate your customers to pick up the phone and call you.
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How to “Nudge” Your Clients to Pick Up the Phone and Call

A while back I wrote a Weekly Business Tip titled “Email Marketing is Not Dead. Here are 8 Tips to Help You Build a Successful List”. I truly believe email marketing is an effective way to stay in touch with past and future clients. It’s a soft-sell approach to keep in front of them on a regular basis so when the need arises to hire a photographer you will be the first one they think of.

Hopefully those who read that article took my advice and created a list of your current clients and prospects and started your email marketing campaign. For those of you who didn’t or if you are just coming on-board now, there’s no better time than the present.

If you’ve been running an email marketing campaign for a while you may find yourself getting frustrated with the results. You spend the time creating your newsletters, company updates, special offers, etc. but are seeing very little return on your time investment. Don’t worry this is normal! On average if you are getting a 20% open rate you’re doing good and remember that the 20% who are opening your emails may not necessarily be in the market to hire a photographer at that time.

Unless you are a commercial photographer doing repeat work with advertising agencies, graphic design studios, etc. the need for a professional photographer doesn’t come up on a daily basis. But if you’re a wedding photographer who also shoots portraits you could find yourself getting new work from existing clients as their lives change. You may start with their wedding, then roll in to baby portraits, then yearly holiday family portraits. The objective with email marketing is to stay in front of your past clients so when these life changes happen you’ll be there to capture them.

This is where the “Nudge Effect” comes in. People priorities their inbox by opening and reviewing emails that need immediate attention first and then filing the rest to look at later if time permits. Unfortunately your emails may fall into that “if time permits” category but that’s ok. Just seeing your business name in the Fromfield and then reading a catchy subject line is often enough keep them thinking of you.

Studies show that email marketing is the perfect tool to keep your brand (a brand that your past clients know and trust) in front of them so when the need to hire a photographer arises, your repeated emails willNudge them into making the decision to call you.

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Introducing the CurrentPhotographer.com Podcast Network

We are very excited to have partnered with some of the best photography podcasts on the internet. Whether it’s interviews with some of todays hottest photographers, shooting tips from the working pro’s or information to help promote and grow your business, you’ll want to check out our new network of shows.

There are so many amazing photography podcasts out there that go overlooked because the photo community is not aware of them. The goal of our network is to introduce you to these podcasts and help you discover new shows that you may be interested in.

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Enter the “Photograph Rod Stewart Live in Las Vegas” Photography Contest

Enter the "Photograph Rod Stewart Live in Las Vegas" Photography Contest

We are really excited to announce a new photography contest. CurrentPhotographer.com has partnered with Talenthouse and Rod Stewart to bring you the “Photograph Rod Stewart Live in Las Vegas” Photography Contest.

The winner will receive a photo pass to capture Rod Stewart performing his magic at one of his shows at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in November 2011. Travel and 2 nights’ accommodation will be provided. A selection of the winner’s photos from the performance will be featured on RodStewart.com and across Rod’s social media channels (very cool!).

Click here to view the contest page for more information and to enter.

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