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The brand-new FREE Competitive Multiplayer Mode, Face-Off, arrives today in Battleborn! Fight against the enemy team AND the Varelsi in this intense, multi-phase mode.
Hack, slash, blast, and crush your way through swarms of Varelsi and pick up the masks they drop! Deposit the masks for points. The first team to 500 wins. Of course, killing Varelsi makes them mad! Prepare for boss battles and increasingly tougher Varelsi as they attempt to throw a wrench in your plans.
Join Attikus as he relives the Thrall uprising that sparked a revolution within the Jennerit Empire. Play solo as any Battleborn hero or co-op with up to two buddies as you fight your way through the streets and rooftops of the Tempest slums in “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion.” 

This mission, along with four more upcoming Story Operations, are included in the Season Pass and Digital Deluxe editions of Battleborn. If you’re not already on-board for the DLC, each Story Op is $4.99 USD and can be purchased individually for 700 Platinum in the in-game Marketplace.
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