Its the start of a beautiful dream: Our dream, Your dream!

JMI FET, the great institution is something very near and dear to our hearts. It has given us a lot in our lives. And now is our turn to give something back to it.

The JMI FET project was started with a few specific goals. However considering the immense potential the FET community holds, we soon realized it is scalable to endless limits!

After the sweet success we witnessed with the blog we started, the community site has shocked us even more. We have 100 members already as I write this mail, in less than 6 days of its release and marching solidly towards a bigger target now!

We have worked for endless hours to get to this point. Witnessed road blocks of the weirdest kind but the love pf the organization dwarfed everything that came in the way. An example of this was the JMI logo whose clean image cannot be found anywhere in this world. Instead of being disheartened by it, we took it up and redesigned the logo from the bottom up. And while on it, we made sure we had something that no other organization does, a 3D version of the same! The first ever for JMI!
Something very special about this project is that it is the first for any engineering college across India. It is unparalleled stuff what we are attempting here and we want all of you to put your best forward in helping set it up and post that taking great care of it.

Its time for us to show the world what we are made of. Its time for a change! Come and join us. Be a part of the change!

Register now with the comminity website by following this link.

Here are a few more links that you might be interested in visiting.Please feel free to forward this mail to as many JMI FET friends of yours! You can also ask them to subscribe to our mailing list here for continued updates in the future!Sincerely yours

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