Thanks for another great year!


Your friends at Richmond Animal Protection Society would like to wish you a glorious, rewarding and productive new year.

And we would like to thank you for your continued support and generosity, we could not do it with out you!

January is adopt a rabbit month at our city shelter, feel free to hop on in and visit some of the cutest bunnies ever! Or if your interested in more information on how you can add a  bunny  to your family, please call us at 604-275-2036

A special Thank you to all who have donated in honour and in memory :
  • Catherine Boucher in memory of Fran's  dog
  • Les & Bev Eshleman in memory of Edith  Grubisich
  • Debbie Wolanski in memory of Logan
  • June Humphreys in memory of Edith  Grubisich
  • Mavis T. Fujii in honour of Mavis Dorothy Fujii's  birthday
  • Bonnie McQueen in memory of Colleen  Knox
  • Jean Ambeault in memory of Edith  Grubisich
  • Jeanne Kerfoot in memory of Gordon  Hillier
  • Wendy Boddy in memory of Kathryn  Chryski
  • Bonnie McQueen in memory of Emma  Edmonds
  • Bonnie McQueen in memory of Rita Clark
  • Sodagor & Co Law Corp in memory of  Hardeep Singh
  • Grace & Joy Yoga Studios in memory of Daisy  James
  • Wendy Boddy in memory of Patty  Higgins-Croisetiere
  • Richard Ather in honour of Gimpy the  Goose
  • Heather Young in memory of her Sister  Nancy
  • Carolyn Rhee-Thompson in honour of  Claire & Spencer Thompson
  • Adrian Dobre in honour of Vic Araujo
  • Diane Ferrell in memory of Pam & Fred  Bergman
  • Marnel Karlsson in memory of Dickens &  Jasper
  • Joy Hillier in memory of Bubba &  Muffin
  • Wendy Boddy in memory of Abby
  • Bernice McDonald in memory of Snorkle
  • Jacquie Ross in memory of Snorkle  McDonald
  • Helen Haveruk in memory of Norman, Muffy, and  Spike
  • Angela Reddy in honour of Big Papa
  • Barbara Dawson in memory of Ruth Collis
  • Jody Gabourie in memory of Bennie
  • Kassy Wong in memory of Leo
  • Justinne Ramirez in memory of Cashmere
  • Hsuan Chu Chen, Woon Fong Yek, Zhang Qiong Tai  Chen, & Shaodong Liu at Mingzhe Buddhism Monastery in honour of Yuan Ming  Shih
  • Luigi Esposito in honour of Lily  King-Harris
  • Robin Dhillon in honour of Kiran Sohi
  • Veronique Penvern in honour of Pat's  kitty
  • Joanne Nicholson in honour of Lulu &  Chibi
  • Jean Ballard in honour of Rina &  Clancy
  • Laurie Fletcher in honour of Christmas at  RAPS
  • Lavinnia Lee in memory of Buster
  • Meghan Neathway in honour of Sadie
  • Johanne Vachon in honour of the wonderful work  done at the Sanctuary
  • Diana Wu in memory of Jukebox
  • Hina Yamauchi in honour of Susan Chen
  • Ian Spence in honour of Carole Cameron
  • Ian Spence in honour of Lorayne Lum
  • Bernard Chiu in memory of Pauline Kwong
  • Milton Kiang in honour of the good work done  at the Sanctuary
  • Rita Blosmanis in honour of Ella & Ivan  Tsang
  • Tom Hurka in honour of Ginger Sedlorova & her  kitties
  • Sarah Hawkins in honour of Apple
  • Luke Lin in honour of Emilia
  • Alice Whittick in honour of Alicia  Diotte
  • Ainslie Cook in honour of Ramon Picard
  • Barbara Baker in honour of Brigid Coult
  • Jorge & Sheila Wong in memory of  Nina
  • Terri & Dave Martin in honour of Shirley  Martin
  • Michael Benjamin Lim in honour of the clients of  Ben Lim Real Estate
  • Matthew Stonkus in honour of Nancy  Stonkus
  • Alison Spatari in honour of Mike  Spatari
  • Yael Abrego in honour of Wes &  Katrina
  • Anton Zorn in honour of Benji


RAPS will be participating in this years Pet Lovers Show at the Tradex in Abbotsford on February 27 & 28 and March 1st , 2015. We are looking for volunteers to help us with this event, if you have one of the dates available and would like to come out and help support RAPS and spread awareness of what we do, then please email us at raps.shelter@telus.net with your availability and contact information. If you can't volunteer no problem, we hope you can at least come out to the show and visit our booth!
check out this link to find out more information on this great event!

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