Redefining Love

Relationships are the primary channels for love to flow. Why is it that our "loving" relationships sometimes don't feel loving? We can sometimes get caught in a loop, repeatedly creating similar relationships with different people all expressing a very similar kind of "love". I have experienced this loop through many relationships. Why? I think that like water, love flows along the channels of least resistance. In order to get the love we need to survive and thrive, we create those channels at a very young age. In other words, our definition of love may be created in our infancy while in survival mode. A friend of mine likes to call this particular creation the "What love looks like" channel. It is familiar, comfortable and is how we have defined love.

One way to break through this pattern is by redefining love. I believe the fastest and most effective way to change our love pattern is to begin the practice of loving ourselves and treating ourselves the way we would like to be treated. By becoming a living example and model for what loving us looks like, we then attract people and situations that support this kind of love.

"To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance." --Oscar Wilde

Prayer Power
Prayer can be a powerful force of transformation. I believe once we ask, it is given. I think we receive an immediate answer to our prayers; but that answer, which I see as a power surge, can sometimes push up against old fears and beliefs. The answers often magnify the obstacles that are in the way of what we have requested. For instance, while walking and praying recently I asked that Spirit reveal and heal any belief that may be keeping me from thriving in success. Within three minutes, I walked past a little girl posing for a picture in a schoolyard. I heard her say she was five years old. Immediately in my mind, I saw myself at that age. Spirit took me on a journey through my past to me as a five year old girl stuck in confusion. In this scene, I was alone and unsupported which left me believing I was unloved and inadequate. I re-parented her, taking her in my arms, listening to and encouraging her. I cried and felt her rejoin me in the present where I promised to always be there for her. My energetic field changed in that Holy instant bringing me into a greater alignment with the thriving success for which I had asked only moments before.

I believe prayer is about connecting us to a power greater than we are presently experiencing. It gives us the "juice" that moves us where we desire to go. Ask, be present, listen, respond and be willing to change. It isn't always fun or easy, but I see myself becoming more loving, more prosperous and more joyful every day by using prayer and allowing change.

"Every prayer is made in the presence of the answer, the answer suggesting the prayer."--Murrel Powell Douglas

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