Into The Flow

I can finally say with truth and conviction that I am in love with life. I had thought that being in love was an event reserved for romance, for meeting my soul mate or finding a partner. My experience with these kinds of relationships was heart-opening and would fill me with the strength of perceived invincibility. I would feel as if I could do anything and still be loved. Unfortunately and inevitably, the ride would end. We would both begin seeing all the "unlovable" aspects of ourselves and each other, and the "honeymoon" would be over.

One of my greatest understandings with regard to love is that it isn't about falling in love it is about falling into the flow of love. I now understand that love is always flowing, and I just need to discover the places inside of me that impede the flow. It is true that romantic relationships can powerfully align us to this flow--flushing out the wounds and magnifying the places that need more love. It is also true that relationships, romantic or not, provide many opportunities to uncover places inside of us marked "unlovable". I believe we are in charge of ourselves and can only be loved to the degree that we allow it to be so.

Through my work with Spirit over the years, I began to see how my fear of being loved narrowed the path to my heart. Trying to control my life and those around me in order to feel safe kept my world relatively small and lonely. As I started healing and letting love in, I began to fall in love with my life. My list of conditions grew smaller, and I started accepting myself and others without exceptions. Instead of fear, love began defining my boundaries. I began to feel lovable which primed the pump for even more love to flow in my life. As a result, my health is improving and my energy levels are rising. I am also filled with excitement as I embark on a journey into life partnership where love is flowing unimpeded by my conditions and judgments.

It hasn't been easy. Like a Type A personality, I call myself a Type A mystic. I am driven to be an open channel of love on this planet, and I do whatever I can to clear the way. It is helpful in this process to remember that I am not alone and assistance is always available. Every day, I call upon my spiritual entourage of angels, guides, teachers, and healers. Love is ALWAYS flowing. My job is simply to allow it.

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