I am grateful for this opportunity to connect with you, and I envision the light of joy flowing through your life with Grace and Glory.  

In September, I moved to Washington State to join my partner. I now live in Olympia. I am blessed to be near mountains, tall fir trees, lots of water and, of course, lots of green! I drove a 17 foot U-Haul truck from Indiana to Washington in five days. The Angels of the road made my journey smooth. I expanded my energy field to embody the truck, boosting my confidence throughout the journey. I felt empowered and one with the road. I enjoyed the adventure but haven’t missed my calling as a truck driver.

Speaking of callings, I am now completely focused on my intuitive practice. I have retired from the massage trade. I appreciate the twenty-six years that I practiced massage. I am grateful for all the beautiful people I was able to touch through my practice and for what they contributed to my life and my livelihood.

Since moving to Olympia, I attended a five day training in a healing modality called Access Consciousness. I have been practicing these tools on myself for over a year with “miraculous” results. I am now on the journey to become a certified facilitator. I will be taking another five day training at the end of November with plans for even more training in Mid-February. Clients are reporting powerful changes in their lives since I began using these tools in my healing sessions.

In celebration of the holiday spirit as I commemorate my new residence and the launching of my new business, I am offering gift certificates that will benefit the recipient and the giver. Between now and the end of December, you can purchase a gift certificate for a one hour phone session at the regular price of $125 and receive one for yourself for only $75.   

I will send an E-Card announcing your gift along with the details on how to schedule. I will then put a credit aside for your reading available for one year after your purchase. How did we get so lucky?

New Contact Information: 812-369-6060
Connect2U@JanaAnna.com or Janachannel@gmail.com 
PO Box 4037 Olympia, WA 98501


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