Hello All. It seems that Spring has took a small vacation and let summer stay for awhile. This holiday weekend has brough the hot sun along with some cooling showers. I am sure the beach lovers were smiling on Saturday for sure. As my husband Dan and I (that's right, my husband) get back to reality over, we have been working on the house and fixing up the backyard. The wedding turned out to be a great day and everyone had an awesome time. As much as we both loved it all, we are happy for it to be over! No one has any idea how much time and work goes into planning a wedding unless they do it themselves. Believe me, I know!

So now I am excited to focus on work and my Etsy shop as well as a new venture I will share with everyone soon. Lets just say I am planning to start a new company that offers interior and event design and I couldn't be more excited. More to come soon!

Over the weekend we went to the Brookhaven Town Fair where I was able to capture some pretty good photos. Who doesn't love a good carnival. With the smell of popcorn and funnel cake, childrens laughter and all the various yells making their way from the game booth vendors, how can you resist? It takes you back to childhood and the fun you had exploring all there was to see. The carousel, swings, haunted house, zipper, the list goes on and on. Everytime I have the chance I set forth on a photographic mission to take in what I see and bring the vintage flair back we all miss. So, I am happy to say there will be some new photos for sale in the shop soon, one of them being the one above. I hope you all enjoy them when they arrive! 

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{Two new color inspired palettes}

Art Inspired Palette: Jeff Soto

Color in Films: Across the Universe

{Some new items in the shop}

Vintage Paper & Birds Table Numbers

Quilted Design Scalloped Table Numbers

Here Comes the Bride Garland

Vintage Pattern Paper Banner


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I hope you all had a great weekend and a fun hoilday!
Till next time...


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