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Lynne Cazaly

A bright icon !

Think of what a visual symbol of innovation or creativity is and you might be thinking of a light globe. 

There are plenty of corny stock photos of light globes; make your visual impact more human. Sketch a light globe. 
It's easy when you break it down:
- squiggle: for the base of the globe
- circle for the bulb
- line/squiggle for the bulb element that lights up
- dash/dash/dash for the lines around the globe that says it's 'on'

Drop in some bright yellow to show illumination and now you have an eye-catching icon to represent innovative thinking, creative collaboration, ideation and brainstorming. 

Delete those daggy stock photos; sketch it and show them who's innovative!
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Ideas that


In the fight for attention in a world full of noise, how do you make your message interesting, engaging, actionable and viral?

Seth Godin asked 'how do you make something 'new'?" when he delivered a presentation on his tour in Australia last year. I visually captured his presentation ... and then my visual idea of his idea was shared

We have chances, opportunities and choices to connect with people and get our message across. How well are we really doing?

Think of the word 'remarkable' : what is it that makes what you're sharing, selling, saying remark-able, or worth making a remark about. 

Seth Godin encourages us to be impresarios: producers, creators, curators.
What's creative about your message, your thinking and the change you're leading?

PowerPoint slide decks are dull and boring; bullet points are bullish*t!

What's the cost of people not seeing (or sharing) your message? Or the cost of you not seeing another way to create and deliver it?

Seth says attention is precious.

Make the most of it when you get the opportunity to share your idea. 


Have you read Seth Godin's classic book 'Unleashing the Idea Virus'? Ideas are contagious. Read about how to make your message, thinking and ideas get shared. 
It's the most downloaded ebook in history. Here's a link to it direct from Seth Godin.
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