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News Letter -- June 2011

Thanks for your interest in Nuts About Nets and our wireless diagnostic tools....

Product Announcements

WifiBuilder  -- The Industry's First Diagnostic And Production Access Point -- Receives PC Magazine's Editors' Choice Award
WifiBuilder is a new type of wireless network tool that excels at determining a Wi-Fi network's best 802.11 channel. It employs patent-pending IMMI technology for measuring the available bandwidth of each Wi-Fi channel. PC Magazine's award and in-depth review recognize WifiBuilder as an invaluable tool for setting up a wireless network for optimal performance and throughput. PC Magazine's in-depth review includes an overview of the product, the easy setup procedure, features and diagnostic testing, and performance in AP Production Mode.
Read the entire review online here: PC Magazine Review

Pro Audio White Space Finder / RF Spectrum Analyzer
Nuts About Nets and Rational Waves are excited to announce a new product specifically designed for the professional wireless audio industry -- Pro Audio White Space Finder / RF Spectrum Analyzer (Model PAWS4400).  PAWS4400 is a "game-changer" -- the industry's first product that includes both realtime RF spectrum analysis PLUS intermodulation analysis in a single tool. PAWS4400 is the next generation of PC-based, RF analyzer for the wireless pro audio and video industries, offering performance and features not available in any other product -- such as monitoring and detecting RF interference, intermodulation analysis, automatic charting of open white space, frequency coordination and channel assignment. For more information please visit Rational Waves.

Introducing Intermod Assist -- Intermodulation Calculator And Frequency Coordination Software
Intermod Assist is the latest, low-cost development in RF intermodulation analysis and frequency coordination. Intermod Assist is a new, ground-breaking software tool designed for the professional wireless audio and video industries. Its computational engine rapidly generates frequency sets of intermodulation distortion-free radio frequencies, applying user-defined signal bandwidths and channel spacing. These frequency sets can be used to coordinate transmitter frequencies where the goal is to assign the most reliable channels to your wireless audio and video gear. For more information please visit Rational Waves.

Product Upgrades...

NetSurveyor and NetSurveyor Professional -- Windows 7  64-Bit Support
NetSurveyor and NetSurveyor-Professional now support 64-bit Windows 7 (previously these only ran on 32-bit Windows operating systems).  NetSurveyor is one of the most popular, highly acclaimed network discovery tools available on the Internet -- and it is distributed freely.  NetSurveyor-Pro includes network discovery plus Wi-Fi "connection analysis".  It's not free (actually, $34.95 USD), but there is a generous trial period so there's no harm in checking it out. 

NetStress -- New Version 2 With Many More Features
NetStress is a benchmarking tool used to measure network performance -- both wired and wireless. It is a professional tool, yet simple to use.  It employs bulk data transfer using layer 3 protocols TCP and UDP. Network performance is reported in terms of throughput -- that is, bits (or bytes) per second.  It's one of the most popular network diagnostic tools and it, too, is distributed freely.  Version 2 is a completely new application -- many new features including the following:
* single instance of the application (i.e. each instance can be used as server or server plus client):
* supports both TCP and UDP data transfers
* supports multiple data streams:
* variable TCP / UDP segment size
* variable Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)
* uplink and downlink modes
* auto node discovery
* choice of display units (KBps, Kbps, MBps, Mbps)
* support for multiple network adapters

Product Updates...

Windows 7 Support
All tools have now been upgraded to support Windows 7.  That includes Sleuth-series 2.4 GHz spectrum analyzers, WifiEagle-series channel analyzers, AirHORN 2.4x GHz & 5.x GHz signal / channel generator, WifiCopper 802.11 packet injector, NetSurveyor network discovery tool, and NetSurvyeor-Pro performance analyzer.  To view a full list of our products click here.

NetSurveyor Professional
NetSurveyor Professional is a new type of diagnostic tool that puts a different spin on WiFi troubleshooting -- emphasizing performance metrics over measurements of RF signal strengths. NetSurveyor-Pro is used to test the performance and reliability of a WiFi network and help identify and troubleshoot problems. Furthermore, NetSurveyor-Pro also allows you to concurrently test multiple (up to five) WiFi connections and compare different adapters. NetSurveyor-Pro is a software-only product that uses your 802.11 adapter(s) and access point(s) -- no additional proprietary hardware is required. Novices through experts will find NetSurveyor-Pro most useful when installing, testing, and troubleshooting 802.11 adapters and wireless networks.  At a cost of just $34.95 it provides a more accurate picture of a WiFi network from a performance perspective than more expensive solutions.  To test drive a trial version or to learn more click here.

WiFiEagle and IMMI Technology
A "game changer" -- uses an 802.11 device to test the availability and quality of each channel.  WiFiEagle represents a new and innovative series of PC-based, WiFi diagnostic tools used for installing, troubleshooting and monitoring 802.11 wireless networks. These tools are unique in their use of 802.11 devices for performing channel analysis.  Employing patent-pending IMMI (Indirect Measurement of Microwave Interference) technology, WifiEagle analyzers provide unprecedented visibility into the performance of a wireless network.  The information collected and displayed by WiFiEagle helps to simplify troubleshooting of interference-related problems and predicts throughput performance for each 802.11 channel.  Prices start at $249.95 for the 2.4x GHz single-band version and $349.95 for the 2.4x GHz and 5.x GHz dual-band model.  To learn more about the Eagle-series of analyzers click here.

AirHORN and WifiCopper
These remain the only products on the market that allow you to artificially control the source of transmissions and create wireless traffic on a particular channel. They are used in testing Wi-Fi antennas, RF shields, wireless networks and measuring the quality of the transmission and reception performance on a particular 802.11 channel.  They are a perfect complement to one of our analyzers and, when combined, the two provide a means for detecting "dead spots" and aligning directional antennas.  To learn more about AirHORN click here, and WifiCopper click here.

Sleuth-Series 2.4 GHz Spectrum Analyzers
AirSleuth-Pro continues as our flag ship product.  By combining 2.4 GHz spectrum analysis and 802.11 network discovery in a single tool you then have the best of both worlds. No other instrument provides such a broad range of data acquisition, analysis, reporting and display capability  -- regardless of cost.  To learn more about Sleuth analyzers click here.

Product Bundles
And, finally, check-out our product bundles -- typically priced 20% less than the cost of the products if purchased separately.  We currently offer 6 different bundle combinations.  Bundles that include AirHORN plus AirSleuth or WifiEagle are the most popular.  No other company offers a combination of tools that includes a signal source (AirHORN or WifiCopper) and a signal receiver (AirSleuth or WifiEagle).  To check-out our bundle offerings click here.


Technical Tip:

Here is a brief summary of the 'pros' and 'cons' of 4 troubleshooting strategies (network discovery, RF spectrum analysis, WiFi channel analysis, and WiFi connection analysis):

Network Discovery:
    Of limited use since it only detects beacon packets transmitted by 802.11 access points. It does not "see" or measure RF energy transmitted by non-802.11 devices (which dominate the RF environment) or, even, actively transmitting 802.11 stations.

RF Spectrum Analysis:
    Detects all RF transmissions within a frequency band.
    Based on the transmission pattern you might be able to identify the source of the interference.
    Expensive -- since it requires proprietary hardware.
    When it detects RF interference in the 2.4x or 5.x GHz ISM bands, it can not predict how this will affect 802.11 devices or WiFi network performance -- since it knows nothing about the 802.11 standard nor how its underlying protocols work to mitigate potential sources of interference.

WiFi Channel Analysis:
    Inexpensive -- uses off-the-shelf 802.11 devices.
    Measures RF interference through the eyes of an 802.11 device -- hence, can better predict how an 802.11 Wi-Fi network will actually perform in the current environment.
    Can quantify the expected performance for each Wi-Fi channel, thereby allowing you to choose the optimal channel.
    Of limited use when attempting to identify the source of interference.

Connection / Performance Analysis:
    Inexpensive -- uses off-the-shelf 802.11 devices or your built-in 802.11 adapters.
    Measures throughput performance of your 802.11 devices when connected to a Wi-Fi network -- which is the ultimate metric when it comes to troubleshooting a network.
    Of limited use when attempting to identify the source of interference.

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