Celebrate the 5-Year Anniversary of the Final Flight of the US Space Shuttle Program

July 21, 2016 will mark the five year anniversary of the end of the Space Shuttle program. Five years ago the Space Shuttle ATLANTIS returned to Earth - the final landing of the Shuttle program - and you can celebrate the longest-lasting US space program with our beautiful commemorative coins made with metal flown in space!

135 Space Shuttle Missions - But where are the Shuttles now?

The remaining Space Shuttles are now on display at various locations in the United States. Enterprise, was a non-orbital vehicle used for fit-checks and approach and landing test flights, but not for orbital flight. Enterprise was on display at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center until 2012, when Discovery replaced Enterprise at the center, and Enterprise was moved to New York City’s Sea, Air & Space Museum. Atlantis is on display at the Kennedy Space Center visitor complex. And you probably remember seeing Endeavor make national news as it was dramatically towed from Los Angeles International Airport through L.A. city streets to the California Science Center.

Own a Piece of Space History

Go to, read about the making of this special commemorative coin (with shuttle metal flown in space on the very first orbital mission, STS-1), and see the intricate design that pays tribute the the Shuttle program.

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Director of Space Commemoratives

Did You Know: Atlantis was the lightest space shuttle, weighing three pounds less than Endeavour and 3.2 tons less than Columbia. 

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