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In my area summer is wrapping up and school is about to start, but the heat is still on! Indoor photography might be just the answer to keep your creativity going while staying cool.

This edition of the newsletter will likely be the last one for 2022. As my business model evolves and I find new and interesting ways to explore photography for myself and my students, I have to let other practices go. I am planning something new and exciting. Once I have it fully "operational" I will be sharing more information, but for now I need time (time is always at a premium, isn't it?). To "make" that time I have to temporarily
limit the resources I spend (time, money, energy) in other areas. I also have to consider which activities are the most beneficial for my students while also bringing me joy. Newsletter writing is not one of the most beneficial activities, thus it will be on the back burner for the foreseeable future (at least through 2022). When I bring it back it will be new and improved and will feature the exciting "new" avenues I am exploring.
Have you always wanted to take a photo like the one above?
Have you wondered how it was accomplished?

Here's the secret - a Neutral Density filter, a longer shutter speed, and a tripod. A neutral density filter is like "sunglasses" for your lens. By blocking some of the light you can use longer shutter speeds without overexposing your image. Neutral Density (ND) filters are just one of several types of filters for your camera lenses. You will need to be comfortable with changing shutter speed and using manual mode. If you'd like help, consider scheduling a coaching class or Zoom lesson!

Check out our series of blog posts to help you decide which filters could benefit your photography!

UV Filters
Polarizing Filters
Neutral Density Filters

Follow us on Twitter or Facebook (click links above). Over the next month we will be sharing additional tips to help improve your photography.
Better Smartphone Photography!

FocusEd Camera's smartphone photography tips were featured in Brookdale's blog. Their article covers a large array of suggestions for improving your cell phone photos, so check it out!

Better Smartphone Photography
Photography Learning Opportunity!

Adobe is offering a FREE online learning conference called Adobe MAX from October 18-20.

Adobe's conference is excellent - year after year - with tons of offerings for lessons, workshops, tutorials on everything Adobe. If you don't have the Adobe Photography Plan you can subscribe for $9.99 a month for Lightroom and Photoshop. You get access to other features as well.

Use this link to register and select "online" as your participation type. You will then get an email with your tickets and emails reminding you of the event as it gets closer.

*I am an affiliate of Adobe, if you use this link to purchase anything I get a small commission at no cost to you.
Indoor Photography Ideas!

Too hot to go outside for your normal photography walks?

Here are some indoor photography ideas (and a few images below as examples):

House plants with water droplets (use a spray bottle)
Close Ups (lots of things look cool when you show only a hint of it)
Kitchenware (glass and metal make neat reflections)
Toys (put several toys together or take a sequence to tell a story)
Sparkly Background (crinkle up tin foil then use as a backdrop)
Food (make arrangements before you eat!)
Products (everything from lip gloss to motor oil)
Low-Key Lighting (darkened room and object lit by flashlight)

Want to work on composition skills?
We have a new item - a complete 30 day lesson book on Composition Basics. 60+ pages of learning in one digital book ($7.99)! It's a complete course in Composition and you don't need to know manual mode to use it! Each lesson includes background information, a teaching component, practice activities and more! Submit your practice work to us and get feedback too! This is also available as a paperback book from for those who want to have an actual book in their hands ($9.99).

For those who are familiar with composition and just want some reminders, we still offer our Composition cheat sheets and guides in our Etsy store for download ($2): Composition Basics Cheat Sheets

We've also added some photography journals to our store. These make great gifts and are the perfect way to keep track of settings, location ideas, or inspiration.
That wraps up this edition of our newsletter. Remember this will be the last edition for awhile! You can always find us on Twitter @focusedcamera and you can still send us ideas for content or cheat sheets you'd like to have, suggestions for lessons or videos, or just general comments or encouragement. We'd love to hear from you!
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