We’re hearing rumours that big aid donors such as the U.S. may be signing up to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) at the High Level Forum in Busan next week. At the same time, commitments to aid transparency and IATI have been watered down in the final stages of drafting the Outcome Document. With just four days to go before the meeting in Busan, this puts the future of the aid effectiveness agenda on a knife-edge.
If donors are to keep their Accra promise to open their books this time around, they must at least commit to publish to IATI by 2015.
Momentum has continued to build towards this moment with EuropeAid, Sweden and the UNDP publishing their aid information to the IATI Registry in the last month. Just this week AusAid launched their new Transparency Charter, the US Millennium Challenge Corporation published their data to the Foreign Assistance Dashboard, and the Inter-American Development Bank has revealed that it will become the 22nd IATI signatory at Busan.

Added to that, an estimable 55 000 people have now signed the Make Aid Transparent campaign, and we’ll be presenting this show of international public demand for aid transparency to ministers in the Transparency session on the second day of the Forum - (if you’re around, make sure to come by).

We’ve just arrived in Busan to work with our partners to make sure the necessary commitments are made. Donors have shown a remarkable lack of appetite for ambition and consensus – but we can at least hope for a firm commitment to aid transparency as a vital foundation for aid effectiveness.

For a quick introduction to Busan, see today's Guardian article.


The Aid Transparency Index 2011 was launched, gaining international press coverage. If you haven’t already, see how your agency ranks, play with the data, or watch last week’s launch event.

The EU agreed a common position on Busan which includes an EU Transparency Guarantee and stresses the importance of a common standard based on IATI.

Italian Parliament passed a bill in the lower house which includes a commitment to ‘maximise [aid] transparency following CRS++ and IATI, if resources are available’.

Engineers Without Borders Canada became the second NGO in the world to publish their aid information to IATI.

100 CSOs have backed the Declaration on Budget Transparency at the First Global Assembly for Budget Transparency, Accountability, and Participation.


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