Stephanie Hilbert joins the Supporting Cast for Part II as the antagonist Lusian.  Stephanie voiced the character for Part I during a conversation with Commander Telek on Katrassii Prime.  The crew of the Phoenix, especially Captain Avari, have been a thorn in Lusian's side as she continues to obtain information about the mysterious Project Labyrinth.  The villian continues her quest to disrupt the control of the Alpha Quadrant.  

Lusian was a former Romulan senator but after the destruction of her homeworld in 2387, her perception of matters concerning the empire and her people began to take a drastic turn.  Leading her from one failed mission to another, she vows to succeed and the crew of the Phoenix have no clue what's in store for them this time. 

"Proconsul Nalis"

Another newcomer to the Supporting Cast for Part II is Michael Ericson who will portray Proconsul Nalis.  Nalis is the Vice Chairman of the Continuing Committee and also second-in-command of the Empire.  A former Romulan senator, Nalis is very acquainted with Lusian and Moural  as he served with both during his tenure.  He is not politically driven but quickly rose through the ranks to Proconsul and serves the interest of the Romulan people.  He maintains any and all compromises should be minimal to allow the Empire to retain its dignity and position in the Alpha Quadrant after the destruction of Romulus.

Due to the unpopularity of Bevoral's decision to disband the Tal Shiar, Nalis acts as a intermediary between the military and Bevoral but also stands strong to support the peace negotiations. Without Nalis as proconsul, the praetor's position would be in jeopardy.  As the peace talks continue with the Federation, Nalis leads the Romulan Delegation on behalf of the Empire.

"General Keldor"

Michael James will make his entrance into Part II as Romulan General Keldor.  The general is the highest ranking member of the Romulan military and feared by many including members of the Senate. Keldor consistently disagrees with decisions made by the Senate and Praetor Bevoral.  The two clash on several issues even with the neutrality of Nalis and M'Rian present.  The general is the Chairman of the War Plans Council and the first military officer to have a seat on the Continuing Committee.  He insisted the lack of military presence on a governing body was unacceptable and many believe he would have staged a coup détat against Bevoral to prove his point.

Keldor believes in the old ways of the Romulan society and is a strong advocate for returning to those ways despite the destruction of Romulus.  He believes, regardless of the peace negotiations, the Empire should limit its contact with other species and re-establish the dream of regaining control of the Alpha Quadrant.  Contrary to his beliefs, Keldor also sits on the Romulan Delegation for the peace talks for the simple purpose of attempting to intimidate the Starfleet Commander-in-Chief, Admiral Kieran, who sits on the Federation Delegation along with Councilor Hadik and Ambassador Gahvin.

"Praetor Bevoral"

Norman Newkirk joins the Supporting Cast in Part II as Praetor Bevoral, the leader of the Romulan Empire.  Bevoral, also the head of the Continuing Committee, is charged with leading his people into a new era as the peace negotiations with his empire and the Federation continue.  Thirty-five years after the destruction of Romulus, Bevoral and his administration continue to rebuild Romulan society on their new homeworld, Rihannsu. 

Bevoral is a strong believer in Romulan ideologies but also is a realist believing peace can and must be achieved if the Alpha Quadrant ever comes under attack by another unknown force.  Unpopular for disbanding the Tal Shiar, Bevoral believed the agency, over time, became corrupt and no longer functioned appropriately leading him to become a voice for the people despite the thwarts of the miliary on several occasions.  It was Bevoral who reached out to Federation President Zahn in 2420 to begin peace talks.  He believes both governments can resolve their differences and enter into a new era of peace similar to what the Federation and Klingon Empire currently enjoy.

"Senator M'Rian"

Darlene Sellers will appear in Part II as Romulan Senator M'Rian.  The senator is also the Secretary of the War Plans Council and a member of the Continuing Committee.  M'Rian is the typical Romulan fans are used to seeing in Star Trek series and in the movies.  She maintains a well-controlled position and her neutrality with all sides, including Bevoral and the military, allow her to achieve many elements of her agenda.

M'Rian also sits on the Romulan Delegation for the peace talks with the Federation.  Her position in the Senate and the Continuing Committee make her a formidable force during the negotiation process.  At times, she appears to have more power then Proconsul Nalis or any other delegate member.

"Chairman Valek"

Simon Hamlin joins Part II as Chairman Valek of the Tal Diann, the new Romulan internal affairs agency.  Valek was a strong advocate for the creation of this entity when Bevoral disbanded the Tal Shiar.  While he won't publically denouce his disagreement over this issue, Valek strongly believes a government agency should be in place to police the Romulan people, enforce national security, investigate incidents and plausible suspicions of lawbreaking and professional misconduct.  While Praetor Bevoral agreed to the creation of the Tal Diann, he strongly opposed the appointment of Valek as chairman due to his former position with the Tal Shiar.  General Keldor, along with other members of the Romulan Senate, insisted Valek would create a balance of power in the government by assuming this position.

It was common practice for the chair of the Tal Shiar to be a member the Continuing Committee and therefore Valek was approved to assume the vacant position left by Chairman Ta'laam.  Valek has been a strong advocate to bring back the old ways of the Empire and tends to side with General Keldor on several issues but secretly has his own agenda.

NOTE: Simon Hamlin and the role of Chairman Valek wasn't mentioned in the original announcement for the Ascension Project.

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