Giant Swan, Avoidance//2, 2019
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for the project THE VAULT by $WHALE, with Decryptolorian we interviewed the artist of the month going through the artworks:
enjoy Giant S's words.
A nice talk with Giant Swan through his art!
Giant Swan uses VR to turn movement into shapes and color. Equal parts Sculptor, digital artist, and world builder, Giant Swan currently exists between the cross-section of art scenes both in the digital and traditional space.
Giant Swan, Bouquet, 2020
Bouquet is a piece drawn, a simple idea born because i watched a movie called “Midsummer”. It is a beautifully morbid movie and this piece was a tribute to that really.
Giant Swan, Signal, 2020
There's something to relate here. Sometimes we don't connect and we miss the signal. I wanted to place the two people between the phones and acknowledge the contact that they're making, because i also wanted it to kind of challenge being a little bit more positive, because sometimes we just communicate in different ways.
Giant Swan, Sti// Operational, 2019
There are restless thoughts in that forest,
I'll probably look back at this series as one where I learned to embrace what I was feeling a lot more and put that into my art more often. I wanted to celebrate that and share it with as many people as I could, so a 25 editioned scene has been composed before the final entry is released.
Giant Swan, There are moving thoughts in that forest, 2019
This tagged up relic is a piece of junk in any reality I've been too when I got it home I realized it was still operational. its been sitting in the bunker for weeks, but how long was it sitting where I found it?
On Artsy, you can find some extracts of the interview, before the entire video interview.
We would like to remind you that a retrospective of Giant Swan’s work
will be curated by Eleonora Brizi in the $Whale space at the end of November 
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