The boom of SaaS events
What companies are doing events right

The SaaS industry is crazed with events.

So much so that it's becoming more difficult to genuinely convince people that your events are better.

Because in reality, most SaaS brands are doing just webinars.

So, who stands out and where to find inspiration?

[Note: There's still no company that truly stands out through their event strategy. The following examples will only serve as guidance. So feel free to mix and match.]
  • Adobe Creative Cloud - Specifically, their YouTube channel. They host a variety of online live events, including branding challenges, creator spotlights, office hours, etc.
  • Supabase - I got one word for you if you work in the dev tooling/open-source space: hackathons.
  • Miro - Not in the dev space? There's still fun contests you can run.
  • Zapier - Want to go big with your events? Ditch a one-week summit for a one-day event that's more accessible.
  • Convercent - Start with in-person events (because they will always work) and scale into the online world (to expand your reach).
  • Knotch - Pair up with a bigger brand like Knotch did with Salesforce.
  • Medallia - Offer and diversify actual virtual experience. Note how they went back to in-person events but still kept some online.
  • We Work Remotely - Not SaaS, but still a cool idea: job fairs.
  • Mailchimp - Stick to formats and topics that work. If that's webinars, continue to iterate upon them.

Fun fact: Did you know you can use events as a basic ABM play/pilot? Just make sure all of your speakers are actually part of your ICP. This first interaction [them speaking at your events] can act as an initial touchpoint within a more complex ABM strategy.
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