What's on a landing page

Landing pages done right for different goals.
I feel like everyone's doing landing pages differently.

And that's fine.

In fact, you should always be testing new elements and switching up your messaging to see what resonates with your target audience.

But every now and then, you'll bump into the traditional landing page structure: above the fold - feature presentation - one more feature - testimonials - lame final CTA most people don't even click on.

So I've compiled a bunch of the best landing pages that can really hit the mark and why they stand out:
  • Dooly - Perfect use of social proof.
  • Airtable - If you need ideas for your product images, this is it.
  • uMake - On the same images note, not sure how to describe this. It's nothing special but they convince me to try the app just through the imagery.
  • - A straightforward demo page that's worth a mention.
  • How this agency showcases their clients
  • Clearbit's role pages - I love the idea of having dedicated landing pages for every role you target. Clearbit's taking this to the next level by actually showing what use cases/actions you can take with their product if you're in that specific role. [here's a bad example from a company that has all the means to make it easy for people to get started with a use case straight away]
  • Lessonly - An example of a page to consider if you're trying to remove friction.
  • Coda - Simple affiliate program page that tells you everything you need. No distractions. No lies.
  • Milanote - If you want to ditch too much text, this is the go-to model for you.
  • Typeform - They're big on design. That's obvious. And they're a living example of how you can mix design with a good homepage structure. + that above the fold section deserves an award. 
  • Gleap - A refreshing homepage with a different structure, although a tad bit cluttered.
  • SavvyCal - Proof that alternative pages don't have to be the same.
  • Integry - Not much to SEE, but I love the messaging and positioning on this one.
  • Elementor - Everything except their above the fold is perfect. Data, product showcases, social proof, everything.
  • Formstack - Another landing page that gets most things right. In particular, the way they present each feature is splendid.
  • Splunk, Apollo GraphQL - For all of you handling marketing to devs.
  • 15five - A bit too cluttered for my liking, but I love how they showcase their core products. We're talking about a tool that has several big functionalities. So if you're handling marketing on a similar solution, check their approach out.
  • ConvertKit - Love how they're highlighting current users with a dedicated landing page.
  • Hypercontext - A relatively classic landing page with small tweaks that go a long way. Specifically, pay attention to the above-the-fold "X companies signed up for Hypercontext last week!". I have insights on how this change brought in a 25% increase in conversions [when done right that is].
  • I'm also big on leveraging all possible pages, so, lastly, take some inspo from Canva's 404 page suggestions [head over to their templates].

Side note: If you're interested in employer branding or just want to spice up your Careers page, I have this older article where I went over some really cool Career pages.
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Until next time,
Alexandra Cote


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