How to structure your blog's homepage

And no, there's no single best structure.
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Literally every blog homepage I look at is different.

We're talking seriously distinctive.

So as I was putting together the design for our blog over at Wynter, I analyze probably over 100 blog homepages, trying to find the recurring elements that I assumed readers would NEED.

In reality, few people actually look at your blog's homepage.

So you've got plenty of room to stay creative and highlight the best things. You know, for the handful of people/brand fans who really check every nook and cranny.

While there's no single template that will work for your blog, here's a couple of homepages that stand out and their respective elements:
  • Help Scout - A typical SaaS blog that gets everything right.
  • Intercom - When you've got great content and a lot of contributors. Love how they highlight their authors!
  • Linear - Simple. If you're just starting out.
  • Lever - I like this example because they highlight more than just one piece of content at the top.
  • Apollo - When understanding your target audience matters. In fact, Apollo has a diverse ICP profile so the very first thing on the blog homepage is the categories. Makes it easy for people to find what they need.
  • Homerun - My #1 favorite. Artsy but effective.
  • Hunter - When content ISN'T life. For a long time, Hunter relied on word-of-mouth and minimal other marketing efforts. So content was never the #1 priority. Depending on your industry or target market, this could be your situation too. So no need to go fancy on the blog. After all, Google's bots don't care that much about your blog homepage.
  • Trello - A content machine that doesn't rely on SEO. Their blog homepage also acts as one go-to page where you can find all other resources.
  • Gumroad - If a brand is your go-to priority.
  • Figma - Simple. Clean. The version I'd recommend for everyone.
  • Adobe Workfront - Keeping an enterprise blog clean.
  • GitHub - Worth a mention as they pulled it off! Compared to their competitors at least. Can serve as inspo if you've got a lot going on.
  • ProfitWell - Another content/media machine that prioritizes keeping people in the loop with their latest releases through a Subscribe CTA.
  • Appcues - A diversity of column structures to play with.
  • Buffer - Heavy on publications. Acts as a directory, really.
  • Typeform - Not your classic SaaS blog. If you ask me, too much on the "media" side, but a good approach for brand.
  • Crossbeam - A pretty lame blog homepage but they have a fun Start HERE section that's good for highlighting content for first-time visitors you want to introduce your brand to.
  • Hotjar - Still thinking if this is too much. However, the JUMP TO section makes it super easy to navigate the page.
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Until next time,
Alexandra Cote


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