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November Newsletter 


Hello <<First Name>>
Wow! How did it get to November! Somehow I missed sending an October newsletter….did anyone notice?! ;)  As always there is so much happening here with different groups coming in each week, exciting new projects unfolding, and weekends away. It's been a transformational year, I quite literally do not feel the same as i did one year ago, and i can't remember ever feeling such a huge shift before.
The autumnal colours are starting to fade now here in Suffolk, and we move into a time of nurture; look after yourself with healthy food, healthy thoughts and surrounded with healthy happy people, who support and nourish your growth…..goodness we've nearly made it to the end of the year!
Jo xx 

Om Yoga Show 2015
The Best Year Yet! 
Thank you to everyone that came to our stand to say hello, and welcome to all of our new subscribers. So many people came to see us and we for sure had our best year yet! 
We LOVED the new venue: Alexandra Palace and will be there next year for sure!

Competition Winner
Drum roll please……and the winner is……..Jo Fox!!!!
Congratulations Jo please get in contact with us by replying to this email and we will get your place organised on our February retreat, or this months 'Yoga Meditation and Manifestation' retreat if you can make it!
Here are just some of the people that came to see us over the weekend….

2015 Yoga Show2015 Yoga Show2015 Yoga Show2015 Yoga Show2015 Yoga Show2015 Yoga Show


BLOG: Don't Shove That In My Face
by Jo De Rosa

This year the Yoga Show felt very different to previous years, and it wasn't just because the venue had changed from London's Olympia to Alexandra Palace. In the past i have actively been giving away my flyers and without realising it I can now see I was forcing myself on people. 
So much has changed in the last year, I am different now, and I therefore had a completely different perspective at the show last week. Me at the 2012 Yoga Show

The picture on the right is me exhibiting for the very first time at the Yoga Show in 2012, just TWO WEEKS sober, when I launched my first book, 'If You Could Have Anything…What Would It Be?'.  
I remember my objective being "every single person who walks past my stand i'm going to give a flyer to".
And that is exactly what I proceeded to do for three days; I was convinced that it was the right thing to do. I was SO passionate about the message that the book contained that I simply HAD to get my flyer into people's hands! 
I didn't stop to think that maybe my message wasn't right for them, or that they weren't ready, or simply just not interested!
We are all different; with different needs, which means that we all require a different way of finding our own truth. 

What I have learnt in the three years since this photo is to TRUST

Now during my morning meditation I set my intentions for the day and for my life.  The intention for this years Yoga Show was for the RIGHT people to pick up a leaflet  -BY THEIR OWN WILL-  with no force, no urgency; simply TRUST.

Wow! How powerful it was. ALLOWING people to feed off our energy of trust was magical to watch. Our stand was just as busy as it's ever been as we stood back having conversations with the people who approached us to do so. It really was beautiful. Our motto at Inner Guidance is Gandhi's famous quote 'Be The Change You Want To See In The World', and I could clearly see how our inward qualities of acceptance, tolerance and allowing were flowing out of us as we stood back and let the stand do the talking. 

Of course I had a mooch around the show myself, and the adjoining Mind, Body, Soul event too. And what I experienced at least once in every aisle was flyers being forced upon me, and I wanted to say, 'don't shove that in my face!'. At times it was almost threatening, and always left a taste of desperation. And the more the person wanted me to have the flyer, the more I felt myself recoiling, with the strange thing being that even if I was interested in their product I did not want to partake in their energy.

Why were they forcing themselves upon me?
Why did they not allow me to see for myself? 
I felt like I was being pounced on!
They had lost me completely as a customer as I ran away, forfeiting their product, a
nd with so much competition under one roof it was easy to find something similar.

And I knew that I had behaved like this in the past, it was all very familiar. My need to make money; be successful; get my message across had edged over an unattractive boundary into desperation.
And who wants to buy into that? 
No thank you, not me.

So we must work on ourselves first. Meditate everyday. Feel whole, successful and happy on the inside, knowing that the work you are doing is your passion; what you are good at, and what feeds your soul. Then there is no need to shove leaflets willy nilly to whoever is walking past.

Your clients come to you because they want some of your balanced, healthy, relaxed, happy energy. You don't have to do anything other than the inner work, which naturally then becomes your outer reflection.

I know that every single flyer that was taken last weekend will be read. 
Rather than being thrown away, there is a connection.
What is the point in wasting money on flyers that will go straight in the bin?
"We gave away 10,000 flyers this weekend" some may boast, but how many of those were given to people who hold a resonance with the product being sold? 
Personally I think 1,000 flyers into keen, willing, connected hands is exactly what our mission was and what we achieved. And I hope that our new readers agree!
What do you think? I'd love to know….

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Yoga, Meditation and Manifestation
Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd November

Yoga, Meditation & Manifestation Retreat

I am teaching one of my very last yoga retreats in November called: 
Yoga, Meditation and Manifestation
We’ll be drinking ceremonial grade raw cacao, vision boarding, doing tons of meditating as well as practicing yoga. This is your last chance of attending this retreat, it’s the last one I’ll be teaching in the current format (before it’s all change in the new year, announcement coming at the end of December!).
Message me if you are feeling a YES to attend.
There is
 currently 1 en suite room (£597) remaining and 1 shared bathroom room (£497 single occupancy or £397 shared room).  The link is below and I’d love to help get you really clear on your path leading up to what is going to be an utterly amazing and powerful 2016.

Join us to celebrate, and harness, the massive shifts currently happening on our amazing planet! "Be the change you want to see in the world"

CALL us for a chat on: 01787 249798
EMAIL us on:


Ignite Conference
Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th November

Ignite! conference

Did you see the information about the Damsels in Success Ignite! conference that i sent last week? Here is a little recap...
I’ve been lucky enough to work with Lucie (the founder and visionary of DiS) in the past and if you’ve seen her in action you’ll know she’s pretty inspirational (as well as a super-successful entrepreneur). She’s put together, alongside other incredible speakers, including Ali Brown, a weekend event in November - the IGNITE! conference.
It’s all about building skills within business to make your dreams a reality and make a hefty profit, without sacrificing time with your family, or your health and wellbeing.
AND if you book your ticket now, you’ll still be able to take advantage of Lucie’s limited time offer and pay just £47, saving £50!

Get Your Ticket To Ignite!

I know it’s something you’ll take a lot from and I wanted to ensure you’re in the best place to make the most out of your career…
It all begins with finding out more and booking your ticket. I hope to see you there!

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