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Urgent notice regarding ransomware outbreak
To our OXEN Clients:

You may have seen the news this weekend. Criminal hackers have released a new strain of ransomware that spreads itself automatically across all workstations in a network, causing a global epidemic.

Europe, China, and Russia were the most affected, but the exposure in the U.S. is growing rapidly as this ransomware (called WannaCry or WannaCrypt) or a new derivative of it spreads. If you or a co-worker are not paying attention and accidentally open one of these phishing email attachments, you might infect not only your own workstation, but also any other vulnerable workstations.

Be very careful when you get an email with an attachment you did not ask for. If there is a .zip file in the attachment, do not click on it but delete the whole email. Remember: "When in doubt, throw it out!"

We are tracking closely with Microsoft and our key security software provider, Webroot, to stay on top of this situation and ensure we are doing everything we can to keep our clients protected. For instance, Microsoft, in a very unusual move, has released a security update for older, unsupported operating systems. We are developing a plan this morning to provide this update to our clients with these older systems still in operation.
From Webroot:

As an OXEN customer, are you protected? YES, if you have Managed Desktop, Server, or Essentials-covered PCs and servers.

Webroot does currently protect you from WannaCry ransomware. In simple terms, although this ransomware is currently causing havoc across the globe, the ransomware itself is similar to what we have seen before. It's the advanced delivery mechanism that has unfortunately caught many organizations off guard.

In addition to deploying Webroot as part of a strong endpoint control strategy, it is essential you continue to keep your systems up-to-date on the latest software versions, and invest in user education on the dangers of phishing, ransomware, social engineering and other common attack vectors.
All OXEN-managed workstations and servers covered by a WorryFree Desktop, Server, or Network Essentials plan have been patched to protect against this vulnerability and include Webroot and Malwarebytes to further protect against this threat. If you have OXEN-managed Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware only, you may still be at risk. If you would like us to help you assure that your systems are patched, please contact us.

OXEN offers a full suite of security services, including free ransomware training for all of our clients' employees. I will keep you informed if something changes on this new outbreak. I welcome your questions or comments as always!

Bob Gentzler

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