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Dear Primate Friend,
I recently received a horrifying e-mail from Africa. In early September, someone deliberately set fire to the J.A.C.K. chimpanzee sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Burned hut at J.A.C.K.
An arson attack at the J.A.C.K. chimp sanctuary in the DRC in September ruined two of their new education huts. Luckily, no humans or chimps were hurt—this time. As a result, they have hired a night-time armed guard. Your donation marked “for J.A.C.K.” will help them to rebuild—and keep them safe!
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This is not the first time this has happened at J.A.C.K. Seven years ago, another arsonist set fire to the nursery where five infant chimpanzees were sleeping. Two of them died as a result. This time, fortunately, no chimpanzees or humans were hurt.
But that was at least partly due to luck. Earlier that day, the arsonist had apparently broken the sanctuary’s water pump and pipes—twice! If the wind had been blowing in the right direction, the fire could have easily spread. As it happened, “only” two of their new education huts were burned, in addition to some of the surrounding forest.

Chimp rescued by J.A.C.K.
 J.A.C.K. currently cares for 38 chimpanzee orphans like this one. J.A.C.K.’s rescue and education work has virtually put a halt to the baby chimp trade in their part of the DRC.
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We are still trying to get more details from our friends Roxane and Franck Chantereau, the co-founders of J.A.C.K., although the start of the rainy season means that communications from their part of the DRC are often short-circuited. We hope to learn that the arsonist has been caught.
Please make a donation marked “for J.A.C.K.” to help them rebuild their education huts so that they can continue to raise awareness about the plight of the DRC’s chimpanzees and to help pay for increased security at the sanctuary. I promise, 100% of your donation will go to keep the J.A.C.K. chimps safe!

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Best regards,
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Dr. Shirley McGreal OBE
IPPL Founder and Executive Director

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