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Thank you for such a positive response to the return of our Art Classes!

I’ve included course details for Drawing 101 at the bottom of this email, and there’s a printable version here.

I’m also taking this opportunity to answer questions some of you had about Covid-19 precautions, cancellations, accessibility, toilet facilities and payment options.

Remember I’m teaching how to paint the Night Sky online this Sunday and would be thrilled to see you there!

SUN, JUL 25, 2021 - Sunday Painters: Night Sky

Sunday Painters: Night Sky - Online This Sunday 4-5pm



Yours Questions answered

Even though it’s ‘Freedom Day’ Covid-19 is still a concern (to the extent the PM is self-isolating)!


I’m happy to say I got my 2nd Vaccine last week, but I’ll also be taking weekly tests as a precaution (to make sure it’s safe for me to teach you).

Everyone attending face-to-face classes will be asked to wash their hands at a sink on arrival. There will be plenty of hand gel and wipes on-hand. The studio is well-ventilated and, with such sunny weather, some of the exercises can be done outside. This lowers risk significantly.

We will use masks if infection rates are high or someone in the class is vulnerable.


With things as they are any of us could get a request to self-isolate. If this happens we will re-arrange classes and catch-up sessions at no extra cost.


Unfortunately the Studio is not wheelchair accessible.

Toilet Facilities

We have an outdoor toilet, currently with washstand, but a sink is hastily being installed.

Payment Options

Understandable, not everyone wants to use PayPal to pay on our website.

I’m afraid there’s not an option to pay on the day, you much pay up-front.

You can pay by bank transfer or cheque (email amy@start artclasses or phone 07847167481 for details).

You’re also welcome to pop by the Studio to pay in Cash, or by card (I have a card reader.

Thank you for all your questions and if you have any more please get in touch!

Drawing 101

Course Information

SUMMARY: From quick, expressive sketching to more precise, accurate drawing; gain the skill and understanding to draw with confidence. Learn how to accurately translate what you see onto paper, express your ideas and make beautiful art.

These are skills I rely on frequently in my day-to-day art practise, so I consider them the most useful. Includes tips and tricks I wish I had learnt sooner!

Lesson 1: Structure

Date: 10/08/21

  • 10 mins - Presentation/Discussion on Shapes and how artists use them to quickly understand form

  • 10 mins - Exercise: Inventing shapes, broadening horizons of what is ‘allowed’

  • 10 mins - Exercise: Recognising shapes in a form

  • 10 mins - Exercise: Using shape ‘short-hand’ to draw a character or animal

Break with Refreshments

  • 1 hour – Owl Project: Basic Structure & Sizing up using Grid Method

Materials: HB Pencil, Ruler, Felt-tip or Marker Pen

Lesson 2: Contour Drawing

Date: 17/08/21

  • 10 mins - Blind contour drawing

  • 10 mins - Drawing Upside-down

  • 10 mins - Negative Space Drawing of a tree from life

  • 10 mins - Discussion about using these exercises

Break with Refreshments

  • 1 hour – Cross-Contour Drawing

Part 1 – Using a viewfinder and guidelines
Part 2 – Reducing aids gradually

Materials: HB Pencil, Viewfinder, Latex gloves, dry-erase marker, grid-paper, charcoal

Lesson 3: Gesture Drawing

Date: 24/08/21

  • 10 mins – Presentation on Gesture Drawing

  • 30 mins - Scribble drawings

    • Draw a Cup of Tea with NO straight lines

    • Draw furniture with ALL straight lines

  • 20 mins - Continuous Line Drawing

    • SUBJECT: Choose 1. Chickens! 2. Your Keys 3. Pic from the 'Inspiration' drawer

Break with Refreshments

  • 40 mins - Simplification (e.g. Picasso)

  • TASK: Draw 9 animals in a simplified form

  • Pick 1 for SUMI brush Drawing

  • Time Limit Challenge until end

Materials: Pen or pencil, brush and indian ink

Lesson 4 – Value

Date: 31/08/21

  • 10 mins – Demonstrate seeing tone, building on prior skills (structure, cross-contour, scribble drawing)

  • 30 mins - Practise hatching, stippling, pattern and smooth shading using previous cross-contour drawing from lesson 2

Break with Refreshments

  • 1 hour - Owl Project: Shading using contour line tracing and a combination of smooth shading and pattern shading

Materials: Graded pencils, blending stump

Lesson 5 – Sighting

Date: 07/09/21

  • 5 mins - Demonstration of measuring using non-standard units

  • 10 mins - Practise taking measurements in your unit of choice, changing position, then measuring again

  • 10 mins - Demonstration of Sighting / Measured drawing

  • 20 mins - Practise using 'Thinky the Dragon'

Break with Refreshments

  • 1 hour - Either Continue with 'Thinky' or change subject (Still Life if indoors, or Rooftops if outdoors)

Materials: HB Pencil, measuring stick

Lesson 6 - Perspective

Date: 14/09/21

  • 10 min - Presentation: What is Perspective?

  • 40 min - 2-point perspective exercise using cork mat and push pins on grey paper

Break with Refreshments

  • 1 hour - Using the paper as the mid-tone, add highlights and shadows.

Materials: HB pencil, cork mat, elastic, push pins, chalk and charcoal.

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