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To Our Coronation Members,

Well this is a first.... as many of our readers know, the monthly newsletter is normally packed with announcements of our upcoming events. We sometimes look back on the  previous month and celebrate our achievements, or perhaps give shout outs to our volunteers, post pictures of an event we may have held and all that good stuff. On Friday, March 13th  (that's a bit uncanny don't you think) we were told to close our doors at Coronation. I'm sure just like myself that everyone is feeling rather out of sorts and that this has become a challenging and unsettling time for all of us. I just hope that everyone is doing well and that you are safe.

At the time of writing this newsletter, the Coronation Centre will remain closed until further notice. We will continue to bring you updates as and when they are received. Below you will find links to the City Website with up to date information.

With all the tragic things that are happening in the world as a result of the Coronavirus, now might seem like an unusual time to talk about being positive. Yet staying positive is a core ingredient in the recipe of successful coping in a crisis. I encourage you to savour the small moments. You've heard the saying 'wake up and smell the coffee', well, you should literally do just that. Put some feel-good music on and have a 30-second dance party - the neighbours may look at you a bit funny but that's ok. Break out the good china and enjoy a nice meal. Buy some flowers or plant some seeds. Bake cupcakes. Go outdoors and take a walk. Yesterday my husband and I broke away from 'cabin fever' and ventured outside. The weather was glorious we even noticed that flowers had started to bloom. Having been cooped up inside for so long, that walk certainly lifted our spirits.
Take in these small moments rather than being on autopilot all the time. Positive emotions can increase your resilience, increase your immunity, and most importantly make you think more clearly. Remember the way we feel influences the way we think.


Keeping with the message of feeling good, I have had great pleasure today listening to some fabulous folks who perform for Smile Theatre that I wanted to share with you. Below you will find a few of the artists who have performed from their homes while in isolation to brighten our day. Stay tuned for more artists and songs.


'You are my Sunshine'

'Que Sera Sera'  

'If I Loved You'


'Can't help falling in love with you'

'Country Roads'

'That's All'
The Movies Logo
For Coronation members who attend Cheryl's fitness classes, you will know she is a huge trivia buff. She always manages to throw in some trivia during her fitness classes. It's certainly one way of getting your mind off the task at hand! It was brought to her attention that some members are missing her trivia tidbits. To this, she has sent me a Movie Character Quiz for you to enjoy. How many can you guess? 
Name The Famous Movies These Characters Are From
1. Snake Plissken
2.John McClane
3.Marty McFly
4.Doc Brown
5.Norman Bates
6. Maximus
7.Ethan Hunt
9. Frank Drebin
10. Tony Montana
11. George Bailey
12. Roger Podacter
13. Sarah Conner
14. Katniss Everdeen
15. Axel Foley
16. Vito Corleone
17. Harry Callahan
18. Maverik
19. Atticus Finch
20. Rick Blaine
21. Ellen Ripley
22. Kevin McAllister
23. Oda Mae Brown
24. Stanley Kowalski
25. Sam Spade
26.Tony Manero
27. Ratso Rizzo
28.Norma Desmond
29.Dorothy Gale
30. Jeff Spicoli
31.Scarlett O’Hara
32. Charles Foster KAne
33. Holly Golightly
34. Frank Bullitt
35. Ray Finkle
Answers are at the bottom of this email.
To help slow the rate of COVID-19 infection, the City of Niagara Falls has scaled back and/or modified the delivery of all non-essential services and closed many facilities. For frequently asked questions please visit;
Niagara Region Public Health
For information on COVID-19 in the Niagara Region, please refer to Niagara Region Public Heath at
Movie Quiz  Answers
1.Escape from New York. Escape From L.A.
2. Die Hard Series
3.Back To The Future
4.Back to the Future
7.Mission Impossible
8. Shawshank Redemption
9.Naked Gun Series
10. Scarface
11. It’s A Wonderful Life
12. Ace Ventura
13. Terminator Series
14. Hunger Games
15. Beverly Hills Cop
16. Godfather
17. Dirty Harry
18. Top Gun
19. To Kill A Mockingbird
20. Casablanca
22.Home Alone
23. Ghost
24.Streetcar Named Desire
25. Maltese Falcon
26. Saturday Night fever
27. Midnight Cowboy
28. Sunset Boulevard
29. Wizard of Oz
30. Fast times At Ridgemont High
31. Gone With The Wind
32. Citizen Kane
33. Breakfast At Tiffany’s
34. Bullitt
35. Ace Ventura
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