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Link to Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic
Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic
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The Pediatric Foot
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DMU Research Symposium
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In 2015, 312 continuing education opportunities were offered through Des Moines University (DMU) to over 4,000 unique learners. As a health care professional, you have been selected to participate in our CME needs assessment. DMU CME aims to provide quality, evidence-based educational opportunities which support research and scholarly activities that are designed to enhance the competence, performance, and patient outcomes of health professionals. We strive to make lifelong learning EASY and CONVENIENT for YOU! Please take 3 – 5 minutes to complete this CME needs assessment to assist us in serving you.  CME Needs Assessment

Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic: information and resources for the health care provider

August 17, 2011, the Iowa Board of Medicine amended the Iowa Administrative Code 653 Chapter 11, requiring physicians to complete continuing medical education (CME) on chronic pain medication management. This administrative rule was changed in an effort to assist physicians in reducing patients' abuse and misuse of pain medications. Healthcare providers face the challenge of minimizing the potential for misuse of these important medications without impeding patients’ access to needed medical care.  Read more about the opioid epidemic

Ultrasound Workshop

Summer research soars to new heights

Each year, graduate and undergraduate students from the local scientific community have the opportunity to apply to participate in an intensive eight-week Mentored Student Research Program (MSRP) at Des Moines University. Selected students are able to choose from more than 30 mentors from a wide variety of specialties to fit their research and career goals. The 2016 MSRP closing ceremony was held on July 18 and involvement reached new heights this year. Read more about summer research at DMU

Preceptor CME

Taking steps to conquer colorectal cancer

Des Moines University Continuing Medical Education has joined the American Cancer Society, the Iowa Cancer Consortium, John Stoddard Cancer Center, Mercy Cancer Center-Des Moines and the Iowa Department of Public Health to obtain grant funding for an ongoing partnership focused on connecting health care providers with screening and surveillance guidelines, up-to-date and high-quality screening methods, professional and effective communication skills and palliative care resources.  Read more about the efforts taken to conquer colorectal cancer

AOA Logo

Health care violence: protect your health

Health care professionals dedicate their careers to the well being of others. To do so, they are frequently put in adverse or potentially dangerous situations. Unfortunately, violence against health care workers has steadily increased over the past several years and has been considered a public health epidemic. That’s why emergency preparedness in a hospital setting is an important topic emerging nationwide and something all health care providers need to be actively aware of.  Read more about health care violence

Live CME Events
October 22-23 Therapeutic Neuroscience Education 1: Teaching People About Pain, DMU
October 25 Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic, Dubuque, IA
October 27 Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic, Toledo, IA
October 28 Behavioral Health Practice Management Workshop, DMU
October 29 21st Annual Iowa Physiological Society Meeting, DMU
November 3 DMU Grand Rounds: Challenging Cases in Pediatric Infectious Diseases, DMU and online
November 4-6 Pelvic Floor Level 1, DMU
November 8 IPTA Southwest District Meeting: DMU DPT Student Research Posters, DMU
November 12-13 The Lumbar Spine: A Manual Therapy and Pain Science Approach, DMU
December 1 DMU Grand Rounds, DMU and online
December 1 DMU Research Symposium, DMU
February 2 DMU Grand Rounds: Pediatric Foot, DMU and online
February 7 IPTA Southwest District Meeting, DMU and online
March 2 DMU Grand Rounds, DMU and online
March 10 Keeping Promises - The Komen Scholars Network, DMU
March 12 4th Annual Iowa Pelvic PT Study Day, DMU
April 1-2 PGP: The Pelvic Girdle Puzzle, DMU
April 6 DMU Grand Rounds, DMU and online
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