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Get Off the Beaten Path in 2013

What’s your travel resolution for 2013? At The Travel Word, we resolve to get off the beaten path. We’ve been exploring off-the-radar destinations through local travel businesses since 2010, and this month we’ve taken “remote” to a new extreme.

Going rogue from the standard tourist circuits means more unique experiences for the traveller. It also means better distribution of tourism’s benefits to local hosts. This month, we’ve found five far-flung lodges that are worth the journey. We’ve zoomed in on a homestay in remote Indonesia, reached the Amazon off the beaten track, and gotten marooned on Panama's Palenque Island.

Having survived the Mayan apocalypse this coming year, don’t follow tracks. Find your own examples of travel off the beaten path.

Happy Holidays. Happy New Year ... and, of course, happy exploring!

Cynthia Ord, Editor, The Travel Word newsletter

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Worth the Journey: Far-Flung Lodges of the World

WHL Group 9 December 2012

In today’s hyper-connected and quickly globalising world, a retreat into remoteness can be the finest amenity that travel has to offer. But where can you turn to really get away from it all? And when you get there, will you still have somewhere to spend the night? We’ve searched our WHL Group network for the most far-flung lodgings we could find. Far more than hotels, these unique places to lay your head offer a full travel experience.

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A Homestay on the Togean Islands of Indonesia

Stephen Lioy 11 December 2012

In a country like Indonesia that falls squarely on many tourists’ radars for its all-inclusive resorts and organised bus tours, I instead remember the Togean Islands as a place where the most serious decisions I made included “SCUBA or snorkel?” and “Should we walk across the beach for a warm beer or the island for a cold?” It was a place where, unlike most of the island paradises of my memory, paradise lived up to my ideals.

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Off the Beaten Track: My Amazon Story

Juan Paredes Goicochea 26 November 2012

The Amazon is one of those ‘must go’ places that ordinary people dream of and seasoned travellers brag about having visited. It is the ideal escape if you are looking for something exotic, adventurous, contrasting and genuine. And now I promote a local, responsible and sustainable approach to travel in the Amazon with a focus on authentic local experiences, nature-based activities and sustainable practices, all aligned with what I consider to be a basic yet meaningful travel philosophy – “it is all about the people.”

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Try Panama’s Palenque Island

Rachel Kowalczyk 3 December 2012

On my last visit to Panama, I learned firsthand that the benefits of travel off the beaten path are not exclusive to the rich and famous. During my time to Panama, a country that for now remains relatively “undiscovered,” I was particularly enamoured of my stay on a remote island where the natural environment has been preserved through the conscientious efforts of an eco-development company.

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Where Would You Like to Be for the End of the World?

WHL Group 20 December 2012

This Friday, December 21, 2012, marked the end of the 5,125-year-long Mayan calendar. It was a date that has had some new-age astrologers speculating about the possibility of cataclysmic world events, possible even a doomsday scenario. Just what were some of the best places to hide out for the end of the world? We sat down with WHL Group staff to hear their thoughts about where to they would like to hide out if it had been the earth’s final hours.

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