Long-Tail Boat in Phuket, Thailand


Bike Race in Kruger, Sth Africa

Spice Market in Damascus, Syria

Abu Simbel in Luxor, Egypt

Boca Islands, Panama

Local Transport for Loco Travellers

Have you ever stuffed yourself into a diablo bus in Panama? Travelled first class on a ferry boat in Malawi? Slow-travelled by train in Myanmar? Driven a rickshaw in India? Been ripped off by a tuk-tuk in Thailand? Spotted a bamboo bike in Ghana? Commuted by camel in Syria?

This newsletter is dedicated to all the fascinating ways to enjoy local transport all over the world. We’ve shared wild stories from travellers and local experts alike, culminating with our global local-transport roundup. You don’t have to be crazy to sample local transit. In fact, we think you’re missing out if you don’t!

Of course, we’ve also grown our Inside Word series with insights this edition from Fes, Morocco, and added to our collection of local partner interviews with some insights from a travel pro in Venezuela.

Enjoy the ride!

Cynthia Ord, Editor, The Travel Word newsletter

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Top Five Rickshaws YOU Can Drive

Cynthia Ord 26 September 2011

Imagine if you could tell about actually getting to drive a rickshaw. Yes, today it is possible to get your hands on the steering bar of this ever-popular mode of transport. Get ready to tell the best stories about your time as a rickshaw pilot, because in India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand we’ve found the top five rickshaws that you are actually allowed to drive.

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In Motion: Local Transport from Around the World

WHL Group 6 October 2011

To know a place is to get around it the way local people do: cramming yourself into a chicken bus in South America, throwing caution to the wind in a tuk-tuk in Southeast Asia or boarding a ferry in Africa. We're sure you will find these rides to be a brilliant bonding experience with locals.

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Public Bicycles in Barcelona, Spain

Christian Petzold 19 September 2011

Like many cities all over the world, Barcelona is investing heavily in a public bicycle-sharing system. Called Bicing, it was inaugurated in 2007. Since then, it has won several awards and become an integral part of Barcelona’s public transport. Today’s 6,000 Bicing bikes are used for 100,000 daily trips.

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Local Travel in Myanmar with the Wind in your Hair

Stephen Lioy 29 August 2011

In a world increasingly interlinked by budget flights and express trains, old-school Myanmar (aka Burma) in Southeast Asia is still a haven for (sometimes happy, sometimes jarring) slow travel. Try the deck of an unhurried boat or the roof of a speeding minivan or swaying train.

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Bicycles in Vietnam: More than Simple Transport

Tuan Troung 25 August 2011

In Saigon, bicycles are a tradition and a livelihood. For generations, bicycles have been used not only as transport but also as a way of generating income for working-class families. A lot of people’s lives are closely connected to this rudimentary conveyance.

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Syria by Donkey, Tirtera and Scania Bus

Ednan Ghamyan 23 August 2011

Transport in Syria is always an adventure requiring improvisation and spontaneity. On this virtual tour of Syrian modes of transport, you get a taste of the wide variety of unusual options on offer in our country.

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The High Road: Cusco to La Paz by Bus

Cynthia Ord 19 August 2011

I considered my options: a 14-hour overnight bus ride or a one-hour flight. “I think I’ll… take the bus,” I said. I made my decision for a combination of reasons, including my concerns about airplane travel: its heavy carbon emissions and its insulation from the local experience of place.

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Villages and Volunteers in Ghana Connect on Bamboo Bikes

Marian Thompson 28 September 2011

In Kumasi, Ghana, Bamboo Bikes Limited has blossomed from small-scale experimental beginnings into a large-scale producer of just what’s needed: bikes made out of bamboo.

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Travel Talk with a Venezuela Destination Expert

WHL Group 30 September 2011

Every month, we delve into the travel experiences of people in the extended WHL Group network. Today we talked to Melissa V. Gonzalez Llovera of Viajes Valencia Los Roques, the local connection in Venezuela.

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Tuk-Tuk Truths from Bangkok, Thailand 3 October 2011

One of the many knots you have to untangle in Bangkok transport is taxis: You'll see a variety of options zipping down the road, including regular-vehicle taxis, motorbike taxis and the iconic tuk-tuks (three-wheeled motor carriages) with their 'taxi' signs all lit up.

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Green Path Transfers Covers New Ground

WHL GROUP 3 October 2011

Since the last update, Green Path Transfers is pleased to announce new local partners in India, Lithuania and Turkey. his puts the global network of environmentally friendly airport transfer and ground transportation operators in more than 100 destinations worldwide.

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Gunyah Launches Locally Inspired Short Breaks

Green Path Transfers Hits 100!
  ...on Fes, Morocco