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Game On! Sports and Travel

This month, The Travel Word is getting its game face on. We’ve recruited an all-star lineup of sports articles and added to our crowd-pleasing series articles with an Interview from the Galapagos and the Inside Word on Xieng Khouang, Laos.

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Cynthia Ord, Editor, The Travel Word newsletter

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Top Five Horse Sports in Asia

WHL Group 6 June 2011

All around the world, horses are often the star athletes of best-loved sports that go way back in history. We’ve taken a look at some of the most fascinating horse sports in Asia – tournaments, games and traditions that helped define the local cultures of which they are still an integral part today.

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Argentina, South America, architecture & landmarks, cities, festivals & events, language, local knowledge, personal experience, sports

Football and Argentina – the Superclásico

Marlo Perry 23 May 2011

If there’s one sport that sums up Argentina, it’s football (soccer). In a country so devoted to its one national sport, one of the largest, most passionate and most spectacular matches is the Superclásico, a local derby between the River Plate and Boca Juniors teams of Buenos Aires.

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Interview: Local travel pros in the Galapagos Islands

WHL Group 24 May 2011

Jessica Saltos is a native of the Galapagos Islands. For the past two decades she has specialised in organising tours to the archipelago and implementing sustainable tourism practices across their entire operation. Steve Nomchong is the Australian-born founder of Yacu Amu Experiences.

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Eastern Europe, Europe, Lithuania, architecture & landmarks, cities, festivals & events, local knowledge, personal experience, sports

EuroBasket 2011 and Sports in Lithuania

Kestas Lukoskinas 3 June 2011

Lithuania lies at the heart of the Baltic region, yet few realise that it is also the epicentre of European basketball. This year, Lithuania will proudly host the 2011 EuroBasket. It’s a country where the sport is practically a second religion.

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Africa, Eastern Africa, Seychelles, beaches, festivals & events, islands, local knowledge, sports

News: Seychelles To Host the 2011 Indian Ocean Island Games

Pascal Esparon 2 June 2011

In August 2011, Seychelles will be on fire. In addition to the usual summer heat and high tourist season, sparks will fly with the kickoff of the eighth official Indian Ocean Island Games, a sports tournament involving athletes from islands in the southwest Indian Ocean. The event is a source of great pride for Seychelles.

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Green Rides in the Green Mountain State of Vermont

Cynthia Ord 18 May 2011

Burlington has wasted no time in joining the ranks of environmentally forward-thinking destinations worldwide that offer responsible ground transportation services bookable online through Green Path Transfers, a new global provider of eco-friendly airport and intercity transfers.

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Asia, Central Asia, Uzbekistan, festivals & events, local knowledge, personal experience, sports

Buzkashi: One Against All on Horseback in Uzbekistan

Kristina Yermakova 19 May 2011

Buzkashi, which literally means ‘goat fetching,’ is a traditional horse game of the steppe nomads in Central Asia. It has been played since the epoch of Genghis Khan. In rural villages of Uzbekistan, it is today a celebrated national sport.

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Asia, Laos, Southeastern Asia, children, health, local knowledge, personal experience, sports, voluntourism, women

Rugby in Laos: An Important Community Sport

Maggie Dillon 8 June 2011

In 2001 the Lao Rugby Federation was founded to provide a formal framework for all rugby union activities taking place in the Lao PDR, whether in the context of school, community or domestic and elite international rugby development. Of particular value to the LRF is Champa Ban Rugby, an important coaching and community outreach program.

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Traveller Tale: Diving from Great Heights at the Orlando Towers in South Africa

Sam Goodwin 10 June 2011

At first we waited at the foot of the tower, watching the group before us throw themselves into gravity’s embrace from 100 metres above. This increased the anticipation, and perhaps the apprehension too, but given past experiences and my love of bungee I was desperate to give it my go.

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