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Taking It Slow

In Latvia, the current tourism slogan is: Best Enjoyed Slowly. This month, The Travel Word set out (unhurriedly) to prove this true of travel everywhere. We found that amazing things happen if you add extra time to your trip and don’t rush from place to place. Take your eye off the clock and discover slow travel!

To start, the WHL Group shared opinions about what 'slow travel' means and we've heard from local experts about staying long enough in their destinations. We’ve watched the world through the slow travel lens of time-lapse photography. We’ve also heard true stories of slow travel in Cape Town, South Africa; in Luang Prabang, Laos; and in Mendoza, Argentina. We’ve learned how to prolong travels through working abroad, and why to take the train.

Up next month -- look forward to more tales and tips on travelling slow, plus a new accommodations feature on slow travel places to stay.

In the down-tempo meantime, check out our growing collection of archived newsletters and find a favourite. As always, we want to hear from you!

All the best,

Cynthia Ord, Editor, The Travel Word newsletter

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What is Slow Travel? Here’s What We Think

WHL Group 7 February 2012

In today’s high-speed world of fast food, jet planes and instant communication, we are losing touch with ourselves, with each other, and with the earth, says the Slow Movement. Like ‘slow food’ and ‘slow media,’ ‘slow travel’ is a part of the movement. And here’s what the WHL Group staff thinks about it.

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Learning Slow Travel Through the Eye of Time Lapse

WHL Group 13 February 2012

There are lessons to be learned from time-lapse photography about the beauty of slow travel. Park yourself somewhere and stay awhile. Be still. Go for long exposure. Reconsider time, stretch it, condense it and watch its flow. Here, we’ve asked our local partners from all over the world for time-lapse footage that moves them.

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How to Prolong Your Travels Through Work Exchange

Cynthia Ord 20 February 2012

A simple way to stay on budget and on the road for a long time: Take it slow, base your travels in one place and opt for a work exchange. Today, there are more and more ways for the industrious slow traveller to find work and break even.

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Slowing Down and Going Local in Cape Town, South Africa

Mark Stodel 17 February, 2012

Here’s the best piece of advice you can get from a local: if you really want to get under the skin of Cape Town, you have to slow things down. If you speed through the city, you will miss out on the great subtleties that give Cape Town its character. It’ll melt together and become a blur, as if you are driving a car at 100 miles per hour and trying to look out the window.

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Luang Prabang, Laos P.D.R. – Please Don’t Rush

Cindy Fan 15 February 2012

Time is such a precious commodity these days; we’ve been led to believe that if we don’t maximise our scant vacation time by hitting all the major tourist must-dos, we’ve somehow failed. But travelling and living in Laos has taught me that slowing down adds richness to your experience – like seeing the world vividly in Technicolor.

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Stop and Stay Awhile in Mendoza, Argentina

Cynthia Ord 11 February 2012

The unaccelerated process of tasting wine is typical of slow travel. Both involve a deliberate, sensory-rich lesson in how to appreciate something to the fullest. Mendoza, Argentina, lends itself nicely to a slow travel experience in other ways too. If you can, stop in Mendoza. Stay for a while, at least a month. Take small sips. Discuss.

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How Long is Long Enough? A Slow Travel Cheat Sheet 22 February 2012

We’ve asked our global network of local tourism professionals about the ‘length of stay’ factor in their destinations. They all agree on one thing: the average tourist isn't a slow travellers and just doesn’t stay long enough to really appreciate a place. Here are their thoughts on how long is long enough and what the average fast traveller is missing.

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Get to Your European Ski Holiday by Train

Sian Easton 21 February 2012

When all that stands between you and the pristine, snow-covered slopes of Alpine Europe is the journey there, travelling by train adds something to your ski chalet holiday. Plan it right - on overnight ski trains to resorts - and you can get an extra two days of skiing into your holiday for no extra cost.

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