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Earth Day and Ecotourism

The whole month of April is ‘Earth Month’ at The Travel Word. To celebrate it this year, we’ve taken a close look at ecotourism, outdoor adventure and the environment.

We’ve asked the WHL Group staff “What is tourism’s biggest threat to the environment?” We’ve asked our local partners around the world “What is your favourite landscape?

You’ll also find great stories and examples of ecotourism. Take a trip to the Elephant Village in Laos, visit the mountain villages of northern Thailand and scope out Tayrona National Park in Colombia. Craving something even more active? We’ve found awesome mountain treks for everyone and looked close at surfing in the Solomon Islands.

What else can you do to celebrate Earth Month and explore ecotourism? Help commit a billion acts of green, or, if you’re a blogger, help spread the word about responsible travel.

All the best,

Cynthia Ord, Editor, The Travel Word newsletter

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What is Tourism’s Biggest Threat to the Environment?

WHL Group 18 April 2012

We’re thinking about our planet. We’re thinking about the human activities that have the most harmful impact on it, especially the one we love most – travel. We’re compelled to ask: What is tourism in its worst form, environmentally? Even in its best form, can the cost to the earth of tourism ever really be offset?

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Our Favourite Landscapes from Around the World 23 April, 2012

“Where’s the place you feel most at home in nature?” This is the question we posed to our network of local travel experts all around the world. They came back with responses about incredible landscapes that make their corners of the earth special. We’ve compiled their thoughts about some of the best landscapes from around the world.

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Tourism's New Deal for Asian Elephants in Laos

Cindy Fan 11 April 2012

Today, the outlook for the Asian elephant population in Laos is bleak. Only 1,000 remain and their numbers are steadily decreasing. An estimated 560 still work in logging, the industry that is primarily responsible for their slow demise. Fortunately, tourism is offering one positive solution.

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Surfing the Cyclone Swells of the Solomon Islands

William Darby 6 April 2012

The Solomon Islands are relatively unexplored by surfers; different swell directions and sizes often give birth to waves that have never been surfed, so the potential seems enormous. But the greatest thing about surfing here is that you truly feel like you’re experiencing the place firsthand.

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Trekking to Northern Thailand’s Mountain-top Villages

Gina Douglas 9 April 2012

The villagers appear to have found a way to embrace the 21st century and make a living without having to leave their serene home up here where the air is crisp. The community’s peaceful existence is maintained through this low-impact form of village tourism, preserving the beauty of the river- and waterfall-filled environment.

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Worth the Journey! Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Heather Rath 4 April 2012

Today, Tayrona proudly displays its true nature as a safe environment for tourists. Since its elevation in status to a national park in 1969, this biodiversity area covering 12,000 hectares of land and 3,000 of sea has been growing in popularity.

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Top Five Mountain Treks for Everyone

Laurel Angrist 17 April 2012

For centuries, high-minded travellers, wise men and ladies alike, have sought out the world’s mountains, revelling in the challenge of the climb and capturing in photographs and ink the terrific views and exaltation that come at the end of long and strenuous hikes. Ridge-rambling adventurers are, if anything, more numerous today than ever before.

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Help Commit a 'Billion Acts of Green'

Joe Ascanio 19 April 2012

Since the very first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, over 20 million Americans from all walks of life have contributed to major environmental accomplishments. For 2012, the Earth Day Network is again hosting “A Billion Acts of Green®” with the ambitious goal of registering another one billion environmentally friendly actions.

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On Blogging about Responsible Travel

Ethan Gelber 21 March 2012

Most mainstream newspapers and magazines today acknowledge that more and more travellers consider themselves ‘ecotourists,’ but don’t really give their readers enough to feed their ethical penchants. So why aren’t you, the new generation of penmen and -women, stepping into an expanding vacuum?

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