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A Slow Travel ‘How To’ - Hints and Tips

Last month, we dove into the deep end of Slow Travel. We shared the idea of Slow Travel in theory, as well as some inspiring and practical case studies. This month, we're sharing advice that will help you get into practice.

This newsletter has got some great how-to hints about Slow Travel. You'll find five slow travel lodging ideas from around the globe. You can learn how to book a trip on a cargo ship, why to slow travel in the off-season, how to ditch the flash tour bus and how to work your way around the world, slowly. We've also heard some wisdom from a slow travel practitioner.

In case you missed it last month (when we had some poorly timed server issues), take a look at February’s 'Discovering Slow Travel' newsletter. Today’s the day to move to the next step, from imagining to doing. Stop stalling but do go slow!

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Cynthia Ord, Editor, The Travel Word newsletter

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Slow Travel Lodging Ideas 14 March 2012

In the best-selling book and motion picture Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert spends an entire year on the road. She visits three different countries for four months each. How did she do it? She travelled smart and travelled slow, especially in her choice of lodging. From Italy to India and Indonesia, she chose longer-term apartment and lodge rental.

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Anna Rice 6 March 2012

In July of last year, my boyfriend and I set out on a slow travel adventure around the world. We had one rule – no flying. Overland, we had many options, but what about crossing the oceans? Many people are simply not aware that numerous cargo ships offer passenger cabins.

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Eva Makris 27 February 2012

In the off-season, even Corfu Town slows down. It becomes easy to find a table along the elegant Liston arcade and no one complains if you decide to spend hours and hours reading your newspaper while slowly sipping a coffee or ouzo. Enjoy the small family-run tavernas that have been serving lunch to the locals for generations.

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Len Cordiner 29 February 2012

My wife and I started our own ‘slow travel’ mission. For the past four months, we have been checking out the natural world in and around Sydney – starting in our own backyard. We were amazed – thrilled, even – at what we found.

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How to Ditch the Flash Tour Bus

Laurel Angrist 12 March 2012

You’ve seen them flocking together at every major tourist site: groups of travellers in bright Hawaiian shirts escorted by their tour guides, who lead them around like herds of cattle. They snap photos with their brand-new cameras and are then wrangled back on the bus. One hopes that one day these folk will realise this is no way to see the world, watching the landscapes whirr by instead of savouring the journey.

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Mike Cotton 24 February 2012

Ski bums are fine practitioners of slow travel. They are neither the tourists who pass through for weekend getaways, nor the weathered locals who have seen a lifetime of winters. Somewhere in between, ski bums stop and stay long enough to make temporary lives for themselves in a town.

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How to Prolong Your Travels Through Work Exchange

Cynthia Ord 20 February 2012

A simple way to stay on budget and on the road for a long time: Take it slow, base your travels in one place and opt for a work exchange. Today, there are more and more ways for the industrious slow traveller to find work and break even.

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February's Newsletter: Discovering Slow Travel

WHL Group 23 February 2012

In case you had trouble clicking through to the articles last month, or you just completely missed last month's 'Discovering Slow Travel' edition, you can view it all online.

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