Smile from a Little Girl, Cusco Peru


Krishna Mandir in Nepal

Wheeling Around Ayutthaya, Thailand

Monastiraki Square in Athens, Greece

Women and Travel: We Can Do It!

On Tuesday, March 8, the world celebrated the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. In honour of the occasion, The Travel Word took time to salute the Women of the WHL Group with a photo gallery of contributions from women within our network.

We also explored the theme of ‘women and travel’ through a series of articles by women travellers. We turned to the experts for the Top Five Reasons for Women to Travel Solo. As a counterpoint, we featured Ways to Bond for Women Travelling Together. We also accompanied women on deeply personal and courageous journeys, hearing tales of a Female Hitchhiker in South America and the mishaps of a new mom in a Girls’ Getaway in Munich.

We even welcomed great advice from female contributors. We learned Tips for Travelling Light and gained insight on Travelling as a Breastfeeding Mum. Finally, we learned how to harmonize with local norms in Modern Girl – Traditional Traveller.

Our Inside Word zoom-in is on Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and our monthly interview is with local partner Laura Payne about her travel recollections from Albania.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this showcase of female voices and faces. Come back all year round for more from the strong women in our travel community.

Cynthia Ord, Editor

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A Salute to Women and Travel

WHL Group 8 March 2011

Women’s economic, social and political achievements over the past century are certainly reasons to celebrate. At The Travel Word, we are no less proud of the strong women in our network, so as our part in commemorating the accomplishments of women and the International Women’s Day that marks them, in addition to our recent focus on articles about and by women, we’ve collected a series of photos of the women in the WHL Group family.

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Top Five Reasons for Women to Travel Solo

Janice Waugh 4 March 2011

Solo travel is an amazing opportunity for adventure. It’s a chance to discover yourself as you discover the world. It is safe. It is fun. You’ll also meet more people – locals and travellers – than you would travelling with a companion. You’ll have amazing experiences you will never forget.

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Traveller Tale: A Girls' Getaway in Germany

Amber Nolan 21 February 2011

I felt like I was trapped in an uncomfortable elevator-ride-with-the-boss that wouldn’t end. As I impatiently glanced at the handle of the handicapped bathroom stall at Chicago O’Hare airport, my longtime friend Morgan was pumping breast milk into a bottle and chatting about the wonders of childbirth. I was mortified.

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Ways for Women Travelling Together to Bond

Cynthia Ord 25 February 2011

I’ve seen a lot of travel articles written in praise of solo travel for women. They’re great. I’ve done a good amount of travelling alone and I do love the independence and self-fortification as much as the next girl. Yet, it has its limitations. I’ve found that there are certain things I’m just more comfortable doing within the safety of numbers and these pursuits are often a little livelier in good female company.

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Tales from a Female Hitchhiker in South America

Maureen Valentine 1 March 2011

Hitchhiking certainly isn’t the safest way for women to travel – and I hope if I ever have a daughter that she never does it – but I must say that I have had nothing but positive experiences. Some of my most rewarding travel moments were when I was vulnerable and looking for a little help from a soon-to-be-friend.

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Tips: How to Go-Travel-Lightly with One Carry-on

Lindsay Young 2 March 2011

Once you get the hang of it, travelling light is actually pretty easy to do. I’ve found that you don’t have to compromise your appearance or style to travel lightly, and the more you practice responsible packing, the more you’ll discover the fun of being Holly Go-Travel-Lightly, not Wanda Weighed-Down-By-Luggage.

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Advice: Travelling as a Breastfeeding Mum

Jane Higgins 3 March 2011

There is much I could share about the delights and dangers of travelling with a baby (or two). There are countless lists I could write about what to bring, what not to, where to go, when to travel etc. But easily the single most important thing for me when travelling with my babies was something I couldn’t even leave behind: breastfeeding.

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Opinion: Modern Girl - Traditional Traveller

Samantha Libby 9 March 2011

Whether one agrees with local cultural norms or not, it is often advisable to abide by them: Following common customs – especially those pertaining to women – will not only make your trip safer, it will bring you far closer to a culture than an expensive camera or souvenir ever will.

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Interview: Recollections from Our Local Partner in Albania

WHL Group 24 February 2011

Every month, we delve into the travel experiences of people in the extended WHL Group network. This month we talk to Laura Payne of Outdoor Albania, the local connection based in Tirana, Albania.

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Green Transportation in Denver, Colorado

Paul Tavner 11 March 2011

"Stay green! This is the only earth we have," said Karen Kerrick, owner of Executive Transportation, a shining example of an eco-conscious attitude that's gathering steam in cities all across the globe. Executran's attention to sustainability and carbon reduction therefore makes it an ideal fit with Green Path Transfers, the world's newest global environmentally friendly ground transportation service.

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