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Independence Day in Užupis, Vilnius, Lithuania

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Hooked on Adrenaline

Adrenaline, also referred to as epinephrine, is a hormone produced in the body under the stress of a physical threat. Once an ingredient of survival, it is now a recreational pursuit. For hardcore adventurers and extreme sports enthusiasts, adrenaline is a drug of choice.

This month, we’ve searched among our local partners worldwide to find the most adrenaline-inducing trips out there. We’ve rounded up a list of Top Five Adrenaline Rushes, we’ve tagged along for adventures with balloons and boulders in Laos, we’ve discovered the magic of snowshoeing to a frozen waterfall in the intense winter cold of Sarajevo and we’ve heard a Traveller’s Tale about biking the World’s Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia. Finally, we took the ultimate plunge by bungee in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

For our monthly Inside Word article, we found Luiz in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where a heady variety of extreme sports and adventures attracts the intrepid. This month’s interview was with Cindy Nehme, a local partner in Lebanon, where the skiing and snowboarding are topnotch.

We hope our stories about heart-stopping hair-raising stunts will satisfy your adrenaline craving, at least until you get a chance to try some yourself.

Cheers to new travels and adventures,

Cynthia Ord, Editor

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Top Five Picks for Adrenaline Rushes

WHL Group 12 January 2011

Some adventure travellers like to distinguish between ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ experiences. Hard adventure tours are a little more extreme and often involve a heightened sense of risk and danger, with adrenaline as a necessary and obviously exciting part of the ride. Here is our pick of five tours guaranteed to give you your fix. Travellers beware – adrenaline is known to be highly addictive!

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Feature: Balloons and Boulders in Vang Vieng, Laos

Miranda Siu 10 January 2011

Vang Vieng has gained a reputation as the adventure sports capital of Laos. There is no end in sight to its high-intensity fun and games, including 10-metre jumps from swings into the Nam Song River, cycling, kayaking, rafting and much more. My two greatest experiences here have been hot-air ballooning and rock climbing.

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Feature: Snowshoeing to a Winter Waterfall in Sarajevo

Samer Hajric 11 January 2011

The city of Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, lies in a valley surrounded by hills and mountains, which makes it the perfect location for winter activities. In response to that, outdoor adventure tour operators like Green Visions, the local connection in Sarajevo, offer trips and activities throughout the year, including options that peek into Sarajevo’s magical winter world. One of the most memorable hidden places in winter is Skakavac Waterfall.

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Traveller Tale: Biking Bolivia's Most Dangerous Road

Vaughan Jacob 14 January 2011

Originating at the 4,650-metre La Cumbra pass, the World’s Most Dangerous Road connects La Paz to northern Bolivia’s Amazon, descending through 69 kilometres (43 miles) of awe-inspiring rainforest scenery to arrive at the sleepy town of Coroico. The road itself is no wider than 3.2 metres at any stage and the lack of guardrails covering the 600-metre precipitous drops means that there is no room for error when negotiating its hairpin bends.

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Feature: Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Charlotte Moroney 13 January 2001

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, has long been referred to as the adventure capital of the world, a place where adrenaline is served right alongside an ice-cold Zambezi lager. Fittingly, in addition to the classic sampling of active stunts like whitewater rafting and the adrenaline high-wire thrills, this playground for daredevils also lays claim to one of the most heart-pounding bungee jumps in the world.

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Interview: Lebanon and Beyond with a local partner

WHL Group 15 January 2011

Every month, we delve into the travel experiences of people in the extended WHL Group network. This month we talk to Cindy Nehme of, the local connection based in Beirut, Lebanon.

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Top 10 Developing Countries for Sustainable Adventure Tourism

Laurel Angrist 10 June 2010

For inspiration, we turned to the Adventure Tourism Development Index (ATDI), a ranking system designed to spotlight and encourage adventure travel markets that are sensitive to the needs of communities and the environment. The ATDI emphasises what most mainstream ranking systems overlook; it awards high marks for community and environmental development as much as hard infrastructure.

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