In this week's Saw Safety newsletter we see a pretty exciting hail mary. Check it out. 
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Danger never takes a vacation:

Great Video?

Greetings!  Welcome to Saw Safety, a weekly newsletter of safety tips brought to you by the UGA Saw Safety Team.  This newsletter is for professionals in tree care and landscape, men and women who put a saw in wood.  One tip per week, short and sweet, easy to share, perfect for a tailgate meeting.   

This video has been making the rounds online.  What do you think?  Missed the buildings, but from a safety perspective, it is hard to know where to begin.  No Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), dangerous felling technique, potentially deadly escape route, and little control over the fall.  
Felling Tree In Close Quarters
Next week, we will start with the PPE which you can plainly see on the ground (not on the fellers) in this video.  Head, eye, ear, leg, and foot protection...

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Saw Safety Team:  Ellen Bauske, Wade Hutcheson, Heather Kolich, Brian Maddy, Gary Peiffer, Rolando Orellana, and Phillip Kelley.