Why Executives Need More Business Acumen

Do senior business executives usually have all the business acumen they need? After all, they do have vast amounts of business experience.  In order to answer the question we started by looking at the data from three sources. Read more on Business Acumen.

Practical Onboarding: How to Quickly Develop High Performing, Engaged Employees

When you hear the terms onboarding or employee orientation, do PowerPoint parades and never-ending forms flash through your mind? That’s a 20th-century experience that we don’t have to carry over into today’s innovative workplace. Read more on Practical Onboarding.

Connected Learning: People, Practice & Personalization

Connected Learning is about people – not technology. For the last 50 years, information technology has been an enabler and facilitator of human capability. Technology-based learning emerged, extending the reach and transfer of knowledge. Now, the act of connecting ideas, people and action elevates learning to business improvement. This focus on outcomes defines the value and promise of Connected Learning. Read more on Connected Learning.

Industry Insight:
The Evolution of Pharma Sales

The pharmaceutical world has been rocked by massive change in the last decade. Economic factors, an overabundance of reps calling on health care professionals (HCPs), and regulatory changes have Pharma companies transforming the way they sell. Leading players are beginning to adopt business-to-business sales techniques that significantly alter the way Pharma reps interact with HCPs. Read more on the Evolution of Pharma Sales.

In the Spotlight

Bridging Learning and Assessment:
A New Direction in Leadership Development

Many organizations are challenged with the timely development of high potential general management talent. Leadership development is a critcal challenge because of the significant impact general managers have on the success of an organization. Read more >