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The Art of Preservation:
Tales from a Pickled Convert 


"Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers" is far more challenging to say than to do, especially when considering a peck is only about eight quarts and Justin Park and Tyler DuBois are hand-packing and pickling gallons of cucumbers and other fresh veggies daily over at The Real Dill.

Confession: I do not like pickles. This distaste could be due to my childhood memories of those florescent green monsters sold at the the middle school concession stand. Who knows. I've made pickles, I've served pickles, I've eaten a variety of other pickled vegetables, but pickled cucumbers are a food that I have kept at a far distance from my own plate.  So when Eric said that we were going to go visit the guys over at The Real Dill, my instinct was to say, "Thanks, but no thanks!" But something in my gut told me it was time to re-train my palate and give it a try.
I was immediately impressed. Justin and Tyler started  The Real Dill in 2012 and they have grown rapidly. You could say this isn't your grandma's pickling operation, but the reality is that it isn't far off. Everything is made by hand -- from cutting the cucumbers to labeling and delivering. These guys and their team of Dillionaires (yes, the Dillionaires) have their fingerprints all over every single product, giving them complete control from start to finish.
We walked into a warehouse where five Dillionaires worked peacefully to an impressive hip-hop compilation. Warm vinegar smells drifted through the air. Hundreds of jars were perfectly lined along a table spanning the entire length of the room, brimming with fresh herbs and spices, waiting with anticipation to meet their vegetable partners. Tyler pulled out a jar of this particular variety for us to try. They weren't cucumbers, but instead one of their limited specialty lines. I loved them! But like I mentioned, I can handle other pickled vegetables. 

After a tour of the space and more information on their systems and sourcing, we discussed the primary reason for our interest: dirt. Processing facilities like The Real Dill produce a significant amount of food waste. And when we hear vegetable waste we hear more than just decaying cucumbers; we hear fertile soil and lush gardens. Thus The Real Dill will be handing over those cucumber scraps while we work towards a better composting system for our backyard gardens in Westwood. Oh, and don't worry, you will be able to snag some of these pickles (like Caraway Garlic or Habanero Horseradish) through the Buying Club very soon.
This partnership with The Real Dill (pioneered by Justin and Tyler!) is a remarkable example of a full circle local food system that we are proud to be a part of, and one we are committed to growing.

And while we are on the subject of growth, turns out I'm growing up too. Justin sent us home with a jar of Spicy Carribeans and I dove in. Thanks to these fabulous artisans, I am a changed woman. Now there is a marketing testimony for you!


What's on the Menu?

Place your order now for the Buying Club, and you can pick up your items Thursday or Sunday of this week. Don't delay, place your order today!
  Local Garlic Heads 1/4lb $1.00
Blueberry Noosa Yoghurt 8oz $2.48
Lemon Noosa Yoghurt 8oz $2.48
Plain Noosa Yoghurt 8oz $2.48
Applewood Smoked Goat Cheese 4oz $4.10
Plain Goat Cheese 4oz $4.10
Cracked Pepper Goat Cheese 4oz $4.10
Herb Goat Cheese 4oz $4.10
White Cheddar Cheese  8oz $4.38
Salted Butter 1lb $4.62
Boulder Natural Meats Eggs dozen $5.35
Red Meat    
100% Grass-Fed Angus Beef 1lb $7.80
Angus Ribeye Steak 10oz $13.98
Ground Elk 90/10 1lb $8.97
Ground Bison 90/10 1lb $9.65
Maple Smoked Bacon 1lb $10.90
Smoked Sausage Buffalo Brat 4-3oz brats $8.75
Bison Jalapeño Cheddar Brat 4-3oz brats $8.75
Chicken Breasts 1.2-1.5 lb $9.17
Chicken Wings 1 lb $5.00
Whole Chicken 3-3.5lb $15.50
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil gallon $42.25
Organic Raisins 1lb $3.17
Whole Raw Almonds 1lb $11.05
Brown Long Grain Rice 1lb $2.13
White Long Grain Rice 1lb $2.16
Old Fashioned Oats 1lb $1.20
Quick Rolled Oats 1lb $1.20
Steel Cut Oats 1lb $1.20
Black Beans 1lb $1.53
Pinto Beans 1lb $1.42
Pardina Lentils 1lb $2.02
Yellow Popcorn Kernels 1lb $1.53
Whole Wheat Couscous 1lb $2.10
Whole Wheat Flour 1lb $0.92
White Unlbeached Flour 1lb $1.15
Cane Sugar  1lb $1.43
Honey half gallon $20.22
Honey pint $7.34
Honey quart $12.58
Prepared Foods    
Fiona's Toasted Almond Granola 12oz $4.50
Fiona's Vanilla Coconut Granola 12oz $4.50
Mini Dark Chocolate Almond & Sea Salt Bar 1.2oz $1.20
Mini Strong Dark Chocolate Bar 1.2oz $1.20
Mini Milk Chocolate Toffee & Almond Bar 1.2oz $1.20
Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bar 3.2oz $2.50
Elevation Ketchup 15oz $4.81
Ela Farms Applesauce 24oz $4.22
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