What does a healthy Long Beach look like to you? What are you plans for the summer? All this and more in this edition of the BHC Long Beach newsletter!
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What Does a Healthy Long Beach Look Like to You?

What does a healthy Long Beach look like to you?
Final map compilation.

Young Girl with her vision for a healthy Long Beach.

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Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach and The Coalition for Good Jobs and a Healthy Community teamed up to ask Long Beach residents that question, "What does a healthy Long Beach look like to you?" We got the chance to do this interactive activity with folks who participated in the Creative Re-Use Day celebration and had several engaging ideas and thoughtful responses that ranged from better air quality to more community! The Long Beach Depot for Creative Re-Use, which spearheaded the planning and coordination also used this as an opportunity to provide education and access on how to re-use and essentially reduce, but also connect community residents to local organizations. We are thankful for the opportunity to share our work in this space and look forward to future opportunities!

If you'd like to learn more about The Depot or The Long Beach Coalition, visit their Facebook Pages:
The Long Beach Depot for Creative Re-Use
The Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs and a Healthy Community

Local Fishermen Eat Contaminated Fish Despite Warnings

CSULB Senior Seminar Reporters Lauren Harvey, Ashley Ryan, Jessica Mendoza, Taylor Bell and Hayley Adams

This Week and Beyond!

BHC Fit Kicks off!
BHC Fit!
BHC Fit kicks off this week with workshops on nutrition and self defense! Limited space is still available so don't wait, sign up now!

BHC Media Training
BHC Media Training

This Friday, BHC Long Beach in partnership with the Weingart YMCA Regional Technical Assistance grant, will be providing a day-long media training for a diverse group of youth and adults! The trainees will then be part of a BHC Team that will help visually document the health stories of Long Beach and of BHC!

2013 BHC LB Discretionary Grants Awarded!

This year, BHC Long Beach was able to award 15 groups in Long Beach with small grants through the BHC Long Beach Discretionary Grants Program! Here are the awardees:
  • Positive Futures Mentoring Program
  • Sama Sama Youth Workshops
  • Homemade Neighborhood: Youth Culinary Program
  • Women Bike Long Beach!
  • Friend Fest
  • AAPI Long Beach Roundtables
  • Sole Searching Long Beach
  • Foodscape Cooperative Workshop/ Campaign
  • Storytelling Project and Community Action Tools
  • Drake Park Health and Safety Fair
  • AOC7 Literacy Fair
  • Fit Families Long Beach
  • Long Beach Pride Rainbow Run
  • Cabrillo ACCESS 5k & Health Fair
  • Roosevelt Student Busing Program
Work Groups/ Campaigns Updates
Air Quality Work Group

Here are some articles covering the the SCIG (Southern California International Gateway) Campaign and where they are now. There is still much work ahead so read on and find out!


Please mark your calendars for the following!

Thursday, July 18th
Steering Committee Elections
4pm- 7pm
Wednesday, August 14th
BHC Full Hub Celebration!
4pm - 7pm

More details to come!


Table of Contents


June 13th
First Lutheran Church

Schools Work Group Meeting
June 17th
St. Luke's Church

LB Violence Prevention Plan Forum
June 19th

LB Violence Prevention Plan Forum
June 20th

Full Calendar of Events


Community Map
Community Action Plan
The California Endowment
Long Beach TIme Exchange
ommunity Partners


Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach and the Long Beach TIme Exchange have started an exciting new partnership! Using the model of the time exchange, Time Exchange members will be able to earn credits participating/volunteering at qualifying BHC Long Beach events and vice versa! To read more about the Time Exchange and how you can get involved, you can check out their website!


Voicewaves Logo

VoiceWaves is a Long Beach youth-led journalism and media-training project. The youth, ages 16-24, are learning to report, write, and create digital journalism content. Their reports will raise awareness of  healthy community issues and activate change action in Central and West Long Beach. Read stories by Voicewaves reporters on their website:


AmeriCorps Logo

BHC Statewide has combined forces with AmeriCorps to provide direct youth mentoring services. In Long Beach, we have 10 AmeriCorps members working with Long Beach Youth to address positive youth development and resiliency, offer youth skills and support to increase physical and emotional safety, decrease violence, and lay the foundation for healthy and productive lives. 
To learn more about the AmeriCorps program, you can visit their website: www.bhcamericorps.org or contact Kendra Jennis, AmeriCorps Facilitator at kjennis@csulb.edu.


Upcoming Community Events

Power Analysis Workshop: LBUSD Board of Education

Power Analysis Workshop - LBUSD Board

Los Angeles OIC Computer Training Center Program
Desktop Computer for Low-Income Families

Talk It Out - A Community Conversation to Fix School Discipline

Talk It Out - A Community Conversation to Fix School Discipline

Using Data to Make a Difference in Women's Health

On the morning of Tuesday, July 9, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health's Office of Women's Health is presenting a community dialogue, "Using Data to Make a Difference in Women's Health," coinciding with the release of the 2013 Health Indicators for Women in Los Angeles County: Highlighting Disparities by Ethnicity and Poverty Level.

The data report is dedicated solely to examining the key indicators for women and identifying health inequities. At the dialogue, distinguished speakers will discuss, "what the data tells us," and how data drives prioritization, program planning, research, funding and policy.

Please click on the following link to register: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KLLV5S6, or call the Office of Women's Health for more information at 626-569-3830 and we will assist you with registration or answer questions.

Date: Tuesday, July 9, 8:30am - 12:00pm (Registration and Breakfast at 8:00am - 8:30am)
Location: The California Endowment, 1000 N. Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Speak up for kids' Health in Schools

Greetings BHC Members:

Please take a minute to sign and share this change.org petition to get students health into the Academic Performance Index. We know that physical, social and emotional health is critical to academic success and now we have a chance to help the State Board of Education understand that too. School discipline, school attendance and physical activity scores are some of the "health" indicators we and others are advancing. Here's our chance to speak up!


It is important that we have you speak up so children are healthy and can focus on learning.

Mark Paredes
Health Policy Coordinator
Alliance for a Better Community

Mejora El Futuro Tu La Familia Parte II

Aprenda Como

  • Prevenir el abuso del alcohol y drogas en su familia
  • Mejorar la asistencia y grado escolar de sus hijos
  • Informacion de como sus hijos pueden ir al colegio
  • Reconocer y prevenir lar participacion de sus hijos en las pandillas
  • Trasmitir sus opiniones en las diferencias con sus hijos
  • Restablecer las estabilidad familar
Usted Podra:
  • Desarrollar habilidades efectivas para padres
  • Crear un plan de accion para gozar de armonia en el hogar
  • Recibir apoyo espiritual, emocional y practico
Ayuda Practica Para la Crianza de Jovenes Con Caracter Fuerto
8 Clases Semanales; Lunes 9:00am - 11:00am
Ofrecemos experiencias de desarrollo y aprendizaje para la juventud tambien
Ninos de pre K-12 grado, participan en actividades disenados para ayudarlos a ser exitosos en la escuela y la vida

Cuidado de Ninos Gratis!
Lunes, 10 de Junio
The Neighborhood/La Vecindad
507 Pacific Ave
Long Beach, CA 90802
Para Mas Informacion

Friend Fest / Festival de Amigos
Friend Fest

Gene Lentzner Human Relations Awards

Gene Lentzner

Gene Lentzner has been involved in social service, education, civil rights, and human relations for most of his life.  He currently holds numerous community board positions and has served on the CCEJ Executive Committee for over three decades.  

Mr. Lentzner has chaired many citywide multicultural conferences including “One America,” former President Clinton’s Initiative on race.  He is a founding member of the African American Coordinating Council and is often the conduit networking grassroots leadership with community power brokers in an effort to increase leadership diversity.
Mr. Lentzner is a former Chair of the City of Long Beach Human Relations Commission and helped establish the City’s Human Dignity Program.  
He is the past Chair of St. Mary Medical Center’s Foundation, and St. Mary Medical Center’s Hospital Board.

Mr. Lentzner has been in the trenches for nearly 60 years promoting racial, religious and cultural understanding at a time when his efforts were often met with great resistance.  His exceptional work in the area of human relations at a grass roots level was the impetus for the establishment of the Gene Lentzner Human Relations Award.  One of the most respected human relations advocates in our city, Mr. Lentzner lives and breathes the mission of CCEJ: to eliminate bias, bigotry and racism in America.
Criteria for Selection
Gene Lentzner Human Relations Awards are given to individuals of any age who:
Show a commitment to social justice, human relations, inter-group cooperation, and better communication across ethnic, cultural, gender and religious lines at a “grass-roots” level in the greater Long Beach area.
The process by which honorees are selected is as follows:
Members of the CCEJ Board of Directors and community leaders nominate outstanding, qualified candidates.The selection committee, made up of members of the CCEJ Executive Committee and staff review the nominations and select up to three winners.
The award is presented at CCEJ’s Annual Dinner in October.

If you wish to nominate
Please complete the application form and return to:
Katherine McIlquham at CCEJ by Friday 21 June 
Phone: 562-435-8184
Fax: 562-435-8318
Email: kmcilquham@cacej.org

Grant Opportunities

Youth Service America Grants Alert
YSA Grants Alert
An email alert for potential grants. Make sure to check it out!

St. Mary Medical Center - 2013 Community Grants Program
2013 Community Grants Program
St. Mary Medical Center is now accepting Letters of Intent (LOI) for the 2013 Community Grants funding cycle.


Healthy City - BHC Data and Mapping Tool
Healthy City Central & West Long Beach Map
HealthyCity.org is an easy-to-use online platform for accessing data, creating maps, and finding local information on services. Click the link above to access the Healthy CIty Map specifically for BHC Long Beach!

California Immigrant Integration Scorecard
Download the Report and Materials
USC’s Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration presents innovative California Scorecard, includes regional ratings of immigrant progress

Job Opportunities

Los Angeles County Dept of Public Health, Division of Chronic Disease, Nutrition Program
The following are open positions with this program:
Careers at Community Partners

Chief Financial Officer
Program Associate/ Senior Program Associate - Safety Net Programs
Program Manager - Safety Net Programs

Contact BHC Long Beach

If you'd like to get involved in BHC Long Beach or would like to know more information, feel free to give us a call, stop by or visit our website.

BHC Long Beach
920 Atlantic Ave, #102
Long Beach, CA 90813

Rene Castro, Hub Manager

Ana Bonilla, Hub Coordinator

Julia Castaneda, Admin Assistant

Our Partnership

Community Partners Logo
Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach is a project of Community Partners. You can learn more about Community Partners on their website:
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