Press Release: Madison Prepares for NATO Protest with Workshop Series, Bus
Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice

Bus from Madison to the NATO Protest

WHAT: Bus to the NATO Protest in Chicago
WHEN & WHERE: Leaving 9:00 AM on Sunday, May 20, from the UW Memorial Union; returning by 9:00 PM
COST: $40 round trip, with possible sponsorships
HOW TO REGISTER: Go to, contact, or call (608) 250-9240.
Press Release: Madison Prepares for NATO Protest with Workshop Series, Bus

WHAT: Madison Anti-NATO Workshop Series
WHEN: Saturday, May 12, 2012, 1:00-8:00 PM
WHERE: Rainbow Bookstore Co-op, 426 W Gilman St., Madison

A series of free public workshops will be held May 12, 1-8 PM at Rainbow Bookstore Co-Op, 426 W. Gilman St. in Madison, to educate the public about NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization), its military interventions, and the plans to protest the upcoming NATO conference in Chicago on May 20. The workshops are:

1:00-2:30 PM
Security Culture and Street Safety
Presented by the Madison Infoshop
Keep yourself safe at the NATO protests and beyond! Learn the basics of a security culture and how to keep yourself and others safe in protest. Members of the Madison Infoshop will cover what to wear, what to bring, how to minimize injury from "less-than-lethal" weapons, and more.

2:30-4:00 PM
Know Your Rights and Legal Resources 
Presented by Victor Forberger, National Lawyer's Guild
Protests, demonstrations, civil disobedience, and interactions with police - A discussion of your constitutional rights when engaged in first amendment speech and protests and interacting with police officers.

4:00-6:00 PM
Why We Oppose NATO: A Public Forum on the history and present functions of the multi-national military force and armed enforcer of the current global order. 
Panel with Michael Johnson, Allen Ruff, and others
What is NATO? How has its role evolved over time? Whose interests does it serve? Was it ever truly a defensive coalition based on the notion of “collective security,” from its Cold War origins to the present? These and other questions will be addressed by Progressive Dane’s Michael Johnson; US historian, Allen Ruff, and others.

6:00-8:00 PM
Members of the IVAW's "Right To Heal Tour" will present their stories as part of Operation Recovery, the vets' contingent that will be leading the "NO to NATO" Chicago march on the 20th.

On May 20, NATO will be holding a summit in Chicago, and there will be a large, peaceful, legal protest against NATO's ongoing wars sponsored by the Coalition Against the NATO & G8 War and Poverty Agenda. Thousands of anti-war activists are expected to converge on the protest from around the country, including a busload from Madison. NATO is a military block of 28 nations, disproportionately influenced by the U.S., western Europe and Japan, that advances these countries' control over the world's resources through war and occupation, at a massive expense to human life and taxpayers. The U.S.-led NATO war in Afghanistan has killed tens of thousands, including many civilians. In April, the Obama Administration finalized an agreement with the Afghan government to keep U.S. troops and contractors in Afghanistan until at least 2024, which will likely be signed at the Chicago summit.

The workshop series has been endorsed by the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice (WNPJ), Iraq Veterans Against the War -Madison Branch, Veterans for Peace -Clarence Kailin Branch #25 Madison; Solidarity - Socialist Feminist Anti-Racist Organization - Madison, Socialist Alternative-Madison, Madison InfoShop, Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative, Socialist Action, the Grassroutes Caravan and Vietnam Veterans Against the War/Old School Sappers (VVAW/OSS). The bus is sponsored by WNPJ.

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