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Tree Guardian
October 2016
Tree Branch
Welcome to the October issue of Tree Guardian.
This month’s Tree Guardian is all about tree stories. Eastleigh Tree Warden Dick Walters has been interviewed about his 26-year passion for trees, while Walsall Tree Warden Jackie Cocken inspires us with the story of her local community orchard. We are calling on all Tree Wardens to contribute their stories, long or short, towards the new Charter for Trees, Woods and People, which aims to put trees back at the centre of national decision-making and community life.
Also in this bulletin, you will find details about our current tree festival, Seed Gathering Season, which encourages everyone to collect seeds with which to grow the trees of the future, and a reminder that National Tree Week is not far off. In addition, there's some information about useful books and resources. We hope you find it interesting, and as always, if you have any news or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via:
Leaf icon Tree Wardens 2016 Forums update
 A huge thank you to everyone who has attended a Tree Warden 2016 Forum. With the theme of 'Changing Views', topics discussed include our Wild Hedges for Urban Edges project, new perspectives on ancient trees and ash dieback. Don't worry if you were unable to attend a Forum, as all the presentations can be downloaded from our website.
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Leaf icon Tree Warden story: A 26-year journey
The Tree Council has interviewed Eastleigh Tree Warden Dick Walters, as part of a new series of Tree Warden stories from around the UK. Dick, who is also a Druid and the volunteer coordinator for the Eastleigh Tree Partnership, talks about his achievements during his 26-year tree journey. Follow the link to read his story in full. 
Leaf icon Technical Update
We are encouraging our Tree Wardens to keep an eye out for signs of sweet chestnut blight, following a recent confirmed case in Maidstone in Kent. Caused by the ascomycete fungus Cryphonectria parasitica, which originated in eastern Asia, sweet chestnut blight causes death and crown dieback in sweet chestnut trees.
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Leaf icon More news
Seed Gathering Season (23rd September to 23rd October) is drawing to a close, but due to our long summer, there are still plenty of viable seeds on the trees. So it's not too late to host an event to celebrate the autumn harvest or collect seeds to grow into trees. Visit our website for more details.
Arrow icon  FURTHER INFO
Tree Warden Jackie Cocken has written an account of the day the Walsall Tree Warden Network, aided by local schoolchildren and volunteers, created a community orchard at Walsall Arboretum with a grant from The Tree Council, and celebrates the progress of the orchard six years on. Follow the link to read Jackie's story. 
The UK's annual and biggest celebration of trees, National Tree Week, kicks off on 26th November and continues until 4th December. If your Tree Warden Network is planning to hold an event to mark the occasion, don't forget to list it on the Near You map on our website.
Arrow icon  MORE DETAILS
Calling all Tree Wardens! The Tree Council is taking an active role in the gathering of stories for the new Charter for Trees, Woods & People. If you have a special memory of trees or a particular reason for loving them then please share it via the Tree Charter website, remembering to say that you are a Tree Warden.
Arrow icon  ADD YOUR VOICE
A useful resource on identifying the signs of tree pests and diseases throughout the year is available from Observatree. The signs and symptoms calendar provides Tree Wardens with a list of symptoms for 16 different tree pests and diseases for each month of the year.
Tree Wardens with a Norfolk connection or an interest in woodland history may like to get hold of a copy of 'Rethinking Ancient Woodland: The archeology and history of woods in Norfolk' by Gerry Barnes and Tom Williamson. Drawing on research in Norfolk, the book offers alternative views on the meaning of ancient woodland. 
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