I am returning to dreaming big.
I am falling back in love with my life. 
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My Heart-Centered Sabbatical

I’ve gifted myself with a six month sabbatical from teaching workshops and holding women’s circles so that I can dive deeper into my own inner work. I believe my relationship with my inner self directly informs my work in this world.

Earlier this year I felt a stuckness inside. I couldn’t clearly see what wanted to come through me for my next offering. My yearlong Authentic Awakening circle was coming toward a close and I couldn’t envision the next iteration of my work. I thought about just offering something to offer something but I don’t believe it sending anything half-hearted out into the world. So I slowed down, tuned in, and listened for the next step. Soon enough my inner self came through. She said I needed dedicated time spent turned inward and that meant a break from teaching and holding space.

I’m spending my sabbatical immersed in Hannah Marcotti’s Magic Making Circle. (Side note – holy shit it is divine!) I am going away by myself three times in the next four months. I’m planning far into the future for my business, which is way out of the ordinary for me. I am returning to dreaming big. I am falling back in love with my life. I know as I connect more deeply with myself I will uncover many messy and delicious layers that will inform my future offerings. Thank you for coming along for the ride.
PS As part of my evolution I will be writing to you more frequently, about once a week. I hope my messages will uplift and inspire you but if it feels like too much please listen to your heart and unsubscribe. No hard feelings - I promise! 



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On the blog

I love to write. I've kept a journal since I was 8 years-old. I write to connect with like-minded souls. I write to make sense of things. I write to dream about the future. Part of my journey right now is sharing more of myself with my community (you!) through my writing. Come on over and see what's been on my mind lately.  

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