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Community Living Action Group Calls for Public Inquiry into CLBC

The Community Living Action Group (of which BCACL is a member) issued a press release today renewing its call for in inquiry into Community Living BC. 

The BC Association for community Living monitors progress towards the 12 recommendations in the Deputy Minster’s report and recognizes that some good is being done to address them. However, we are also aware that public confidence and most importantly the confidence of families and the agencies that serve them is fragile and in many cases eroding quickly.

More issues will continue to arise. Pressure will mount quickly as approximately 550 newly eligible adults this year alone are coming forward (this number is considered conservative) and most of whom cannot access more than $2800/year.

After careful consideration, BCACL joins the call for an External Inquiry into CLBC. We do this with the hope that we can begin to meaningfully address the layers of issues that confront CLBC including funding, leadership, governance and systemic policy and practise needs. It is essential that all stakeholders be part of a robust, transparent, sound and publicly accountable review process in order to bring all the information, expertise, perspectives and research necessary to effectively examine the issues in order to chart the course forward.

Press Release
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