Tips to make your family's transition into Scouting a breeze.
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Families that are new to Scouting discover a world of adventure with new learning experiences and lots of personal growth in an environment that prepares children for a happy, honorable future. But the program is so new, with new terminology, a uniform, and unfamiliar advancement requirements. For some it can be a bit intimidating. In this series of blogs we’ll discuss five tried and true tips to make your family’s transition into Scouting easier.

Five Tips for New Scouting Families
Part 1:  Invite Friends

Want to know the secret to your son having a blast in Scouting? It’s simple: have him participate with his best friends! Whether he was already familiar with the boys in the Cub Scout den or Boy Scout patrol he recently joined, there are probably other special friends in his life who live nearby and share his interests. Whatever motivated your son to enjoy Scouting would probably be equally exciting for his friends. So why not have them join too?

Surrounding your son with his best buddies has other advantages too: carpooling to meetings and events becomes much simpler. Finding volunteers to pitch in becomes easier with a larger group to draw from. Chances are you know your son’s friends’ parents, so you know they are high quality people. Also, the larger your Scout group gets, the easier it is securing enough attendees at any event to reach that all important â€œcritical mass” of fun. 

Social scientists have long studied the impact of Scouting in a child’s life, and one study showed that Scouts are significantly more likely than non-Scouts to build lifelong friendships. When I got married at age 33, I asked my five best friends to stand up in my wedding. As it turned out, all five were friends I’d met in Scouting. All were Eagle Scouts, and with all five I’d kept in close touch all those years. Your son too deserves to cultivate such special friendships in Scouting.

In our next installment, we’ll talk about the importance of a proper uniform for your new Scout.
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