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Scouting in Action
Scouting is a (Co)mmunity!

Brother Pack Program
With the challenge of growing recruitment and strengthening retention, Pack 775 of Friends Christian School in the Portola District, decided to implement a new pilot program, which would promote diversity in Scouting, team building, and sharing the Scouting experience to everyone no matter what their socioeconomic situation is.

We decided our program would be the "Brother Pack Program." We, Pack 775, teamed up with Santa Ana District Pack 220 and Pack 131 and decided we would share our Pack activities to promote Scouting, but still maintain our Pack identity and pride. Cubmaster Dave Lopez teamed up with Santa Ana District Executive Rachel Cueva, and we had our first "Brother Pack" activity; a scavenger hike at Oaks Canyon Nature center in Anaheim Hills. As the picture shows, it was a great success with all three Packs represented and enjoying each other. We look forward to other "Brother Pack" activities like Raingutter Regatta, Pinewood Derby, and Cubmobile Races. We believe everyone benefits with these type of activities. 

Two Packs, One Troop
Two Webelos Dens, One Troop Patrol

It started with two good friends, Webelos leaders from different Packs, agreeing to camp together to give the Cub Scouts a chance to camp with Scouts from different units in preparation for their transition to Boy Scouts.
Pack 700, Den 2
Pack 774, Den 1
Troop 700, Venomous Viper Patrol

65 people in total secured beach front property at Camp Pendleton and officially “camp cooked” all weekend. The main goal was to teach the Webelos camp cooking. Each unit took a meal, planned for, prepared and fed the entire camping group. The food was amazing! Dutch ovens, tin foil, Ziploc bags galore! 

"I liked camping with the other groups. The capture the flag game was super fun because the teams were all mixed up with different Scouts and adults. I love to cook! Preparing and serving the whole camp breakfast on Sunday morning was definitely my favorite part." Zane Densley, webelos II, Pack 774 Den 1

'Good Turn' Corner
Troop 727 Earns BIG Kudos by Giving Back and Putting the outing in Scouting

Boy Scout Troop 727, California Outstanding Scout Unit of the Year!

During Boy Scout Troop 727’s Court of Honor, the Scouts and Parents received the exciting news that the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Department of California felt that their Troop had earned the right to be called Outstanding Scout Unit of the Year for the state of California.

Troop 727 was founded in 2012 by Scoutmaster Jim Clements and 10 other families and now boasts 29 very enthusiastic, goals-driven Scouts. Troop 727 competed against Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venture Crews, Sea Scout Ships, Explorer Posts, and Girl Scout Units across the state of California. Entry to the competition was a well-documented scrapbook depicting their year in review. Their journey this past year included skiing, monthly camping trips, overnight backpacking expeditions, Camp Chawanakee Summer Camp, kayaking, and finishing the year with an ambitious, one-day, 20 mile hike to Santiago Peak and back. They truly put the “outing” back in Scouting. Duty to others is of great importance to these Scouts as they have volunteered an average of 40 hours each in their community. This look back of the past year demonstrated that Troop 727 is a well-rounded troop of Boy-led Scouts. 

Local Scoutmaster Named California Outstanding Scout Leader of the Year

If you are a resident of Rancho Santa Margarita, you may have run into Scoutmaster Jim Clements at various events both sporting his kilt and lending his bagpipe playing talents, or proudly caretaking for the City’s Flags, or simply looking on proudly as the Scouts in his Troop demonstrate how a well-organized Boy-led Troop gives service to our community. In 1999, after 20 years of service, Jim retired from the United States Navy as Chief Petty Officer. Shortly thereafter, Jim moved to Rancho Santa Margarita and he currently works for Extron Electronics as Director of Education and Training. He has carried his dedication to serve as well as his passion for teaching to his Scoutmaster Leadership role and inspires this same dedication to God and Country in his Scouts and Scoutmaster Corps. Congratulations on this OUTSTANDING accomplishment, Scoutmaster Clements, who currently serves Troop 727!

Official 2015 Lake Forest 4th of July Parade Award Winners:
Best of Community Outreach Award
Boy Scout Troop 727 

Kudos to you, Troop 727! Do you have a good turn story you'd like to share with us? Email scoutingstories@ocbsa.org

Scouter Spotlight
Want Your Son to Become a Success? Have Him Join Scouting--
The Proven Path

When Tracy Baker signed her son Jackson up for Boy Scouts, she didn't expect the 11- year-old to use what he learned to save a life. But one year later it happened when his younger sister Jordyn choked on a piece of food. Jackson, alone with his sister, calmly performed the Heimlich maneuver that he had learned for his First Class badge, expelling the stuck carrot and becoming a local hero in his small Colorado town.

Like most moms, Tracy Baker had to choose between many activities competing for her son’s time. History proved she made the right choice. Without Scouting and the lessons it taught Jackson, she might well have lost her daughter.

Stories of saving lives abound in the annals of Boy Scout history; the national organization reports that it awards dozens of heroism or life saving awards each year.

But Scouting is about much, much more than first aid. Simply put, Scouting is the best activity you can choose for your son because for over 100 years it has offered a proven path to help boys turn into happier, more successful men.

From age six to 21, Scouting takes boys outdoors for a much-needed release of energy. With proven-safe supervision, it teaches them lessons in leadership, self-confidence, conservation, and honor through age-appropriate (and wildly fun) activities they won't find elsewhere, like archery, BB-gun shooting, climbing and rappelling, sailing, and, of course camping. Scouting expands their interests, helping them learn about woodworking, collections, astronomy, home repair, photography, and countless others.

Study after study shows that these activities, in the context of Scouting, where boys are encouraged to try new things, set and achieve goals, and lead themselves and others, are indeed a proven path to success. In boys of all socioeconomic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, involvement in Scouting for five or more years led to:
- A 98% likelihood of graduating from high school, compared to 83% for non-Scouts
- A 40% likelihood of becoming a college graduate, compared to 16% for non-Scouts.
- An $80,000 average household income, vs $61,000 for non-Scouts.

How about personal fulfillment?  Comparing Scouts to non-Scouts,
- 89% enjoyed lifelong friendships, compared to 74%
- 81% valued family relationships highly, as opposed to 72% who were non-Scouts

Is it any wonder that the Motto of the Boy Scouts is "Be Prepared"? Originally meant as a challenge to boys, those words have become an advertising slogan to parents for what they can expect their son to be. Scouting prepares boys for the unknown. Just ask Tracy Baker.

To find your local Scouting group, visit www.BeAScout.org or call your local council listed under Boy Scouts of America.

-- John A. Hovanesian, MD
Executive Vice Chairman, OCBSA

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