December 23, 2014

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Happy Holidays and Thank You for the Miracles!


As we enjoy this wonderful season of celebration, let’s think about all the little miracles that happen throughout the year in Scouting as a direct result of our most treasured volunteer leaders:

Every time a Tiger Cub solemnly carries the US flag in a pack ceremony for the first time, a proud leader makes it possible.

Every time a Bear Cub plants a tree, learning how to take care of his planet, a leader with soiled hands makes it possible.  

Every time a Webelos Scout tries and tries and tries, and finally ties a square knot, a relieved leader makes it possible.

Every time a Tenderfoot Scout completes his five-mile hike for Second Class, a tired leader makes it possible.

And every time a prepared Scout uses his first aid skills to save the life of another human being, a joyfully crying leader makes it possible.  

Dear leaders and friends of Scouting, may God bless you for all the good you bring the world through our treasured young people. Relax, and enjoy yourself this holiday season. You've earned it. You're a miracle worker!
- John A. Hovanesian, MD
OCBSA Council Commissioner

Council Office and Scout Shops Holiday Hours

Please note the following holiday hours:

Council closed:
Wednesday, December 24th
Thursday, December 25th
Friday, December 26th
Wednesday, December 31st closed after 12 p.m.
Thursday, January 1st

Scout Shops (all locations) closed:
Wednesday, December 24th
Thursday, December 25th
Thursday, January 1st

Wishing all of you in our Scouting family a joyful holiday season and a Merry Christmas!
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