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5 Things Your Son Will Learn at Cub Scout Day Camp

Written by: Caryn Bailey, Scout Mom and Blogger behind Rockin Mama

Photo courtesy of Rockin Mama
As a young girl, my parents celebrated my diverse interests, which were often in stark contrast to each other. Some days I’d express my artistic side through piano or choir only to long for the simplicity of the outdoors. Amidst gymnastics and tap dance, I found myself inspired by the unique community I became involved with as a Girl Scout. It was here that I developed a love for camping (something I’ve been able to experience with my own kids), put teamwork into practice as a young girl, and began to expand my view of the world. With two little people who now look to me for guidance on how to navigate life, I knew that scouting would be one way to immerse them in life-teaching experiences that can’t be duplicated through a simple conversation.

This Fall, my son will start his third year as a Cub Scout. Through this incredible, community-based program, my son has learned how to transform a piece of wood into a race car and how to use 5 gallon water bottles and pieces of plywood to create a boat that actually floats. He’s put compassion into practice by packing Love Lunches and seen first-hand how guide dogs are improving the quality of life for the visually impaired.  Cub Scouting builds character while teaching young boys practical skills in a way that is meaningful and fun. Working towards achievements teaches boys the value of discipline and perseverance.

Photo courtesy of Rockin Mama
During the Summer, our particular Pack goes quiet, allowing families the opportunity to enjoy those precious few weeks off of school together. However, the overarching Orange County Council of the Boy Scouts of America offers week-long day camp adventures where cub scouts and their parents can experience a more expansive part of scouting. Offered at a variety of locations in Orange County during the Summer months, boys are immersed within a variety of exciting activities including crafts games, archery, woodworking, science, sports, outdoor cooking and so much more.

Just one week ago, my son and I had the opportunity to spend a day together at Cub Scout Day Camp. We learned how to tie survival knots, engaged in tug of war, dissected owl pellets, shot a bow and arrow and got really, really dirty. At the end of the day, my son hugged me and told me it was one of the best days of his life, and for that reason alone, we’ll be participating in an entire week of Cub Scout Day Camp.

Photo courtesy of Rockin Mama
Each cub scout day camp is different as far as the experiences offered. However, you can be certain that your boy will have an unique, exciting experience unmatched in any other summer camp.

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'Good Turn' Corner
Boy Scouts Assist Rotarians in Adopting a Mobile Food Pantry

Watch this video, which features a new Rotary Community Service Project, a mobile food pantry. The project was funded by the Monarch Beach Sunrise Rotary Club and match grant from Rotary District 5320. 

The project was a huge success, providing food to over 250 people in need at no cost to them. The service event took place in the parking lot of St. Timothy’s Church in Laguna Niguel.

The Mobile Pantry provides fresh produce and other nutritious food directly to families and individuals in Orange County who struggle to make ends meet. With each delivery, the truck transports at least 5,000 pounds of fruit, vegetables, and dry goods directly to the communities where low-income individuals live. The food in the truck is open to all people in need and the Monarch Beach Sunrise Rotary Club identified families in need within the Dana Point area to be the recipients of the food.

The members of the Monarch Beach Sunrise Rotary Club reserved the Mobile food truck and its members worked with members of the Dana Hills High School Interact Club as well as members of the local Boy Scout troops who packed bags with fresh food for the families in need.

Thank you for your good turn, El Camino Real Scouts! Do you have a good turn story you'd like to share with us? Email scoutingstories@ocbsa.org

Scouter Spotlight
For an Indelible Life Message, Exercise with Your Kids This Summer

Many of us busy parents try to make time for exercise early in the morning, at lunch, or right after work at a time that won’t interfere with family activities.  As a physician, I encourage everyone to find a time for exercise that you can keep up regularly.  For me, 5:30 in the morning is the time that works; yet the other day my six year old asked me, “Daddy, do you exercise?"  My heart sank as I realized that, though I swim five miles a week, my exercise effort, and the example that sets for my kids, are virtually invisible to them.

We all know our children emulate our actions much more than our words.  If we want our kids to develop a lifelong habit of deliberate exercise (and we should), summer is a perfect time for us to demonstrate our own commitment to this worthy effort.  During these extended daylight hours, our family is taking hikes for the stated purpose of exercise, so no one misses the point.  As we hike, we talk about walking briskly and getting our heart rates up, just to put a finer point on the lesson.   Even my Tiger Cub son, who used to resist any walking, is now asking about hiking. Take extended bike rides with your children.  Walk instead of drive into town.  Let your kids see you do laps at the pool when you take them there to cool off.  All these are visible lessons that can help your kids understand the priority you place on taking care of your precious body. 

Summer is also a perfect time for Boy Scouts to begin working on Personal Fitness merit badge with a registered instructor.  For Cubs, each rank in the new Cub program has adventures related to physical activities.  Incorporate these into your outdoor activities with your kids, and you will give them one more incentive to participate.

Photo source: Rockin Mama
When you're done, let your kids know how invigorated you feel by the exercise session, and ask them about their own positive feelings too.  Research published recently at the University of Michigan shows that people exercise more consistently when their motivation is short-term improvement in energy and mood rather than long-term health goals (naturally, both are very worthy reasons).  

And, lastly, for those of us who don't regularly exercise, summer is a perfect time to start.  Our kids’ lifelong habits are still forming and this gives us a great chance to teach them even better habits than our own.           

-- John A. Hovanesian, MD
Executive Vice Chairman, OCBSA

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