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Scout Shares his tips for Selling $13,000 worth of Popcorn

Christopher's Selling Success
"Hello everyone my name is Christopher Obremski and I am from Troop 628. I will be sharing some tips and ideas on how to successfully sell popcorn. Setting a goal is the most important step to your success. Last year, I set a goal of $10,000 just like I did the year before. Once I reached that goal, I decided to make it higher to potentially be on the top seller leader board for the country. My end results were a little over $13,000, and I made 10th top seller in the country. The Scholarship Program allows 6% of your popcorn sales to go into a scholarship fund when you reach $2,500. Every year after that, you automatically receive 6% on your scholarship fund. I plan to go to college with the scholarship money I earned and get a degree in Geology.

Christopher's Tips for Success
Booth sales work the best for me. Always try to keep a smile on your face and be polite, it attracts people the most. Take order sales are a great way of selling to your neighborhood. I carry around a clipboard with an order sheet and an envelope with a pen. Remember to bring change and do not carry too much money around. Always make sure you have a buddy or an adult with you when doing take orders.

When delivering orders, take a wagon or cart with you to help pull it all along. It allows easy access to delivering each client’s order. You can also use a wagon with signs to promote the product as you walk around and deliver in your neighborhood. Setting up an online account is a great way to reach friends and family that are out of state. Have your parents help you set up an online account and ask them for help when sending it to family and friends. I always ask my mom to send it to everyone she knows so I can make more sells. Another good idea is selling to your school teachers. If everyone in your Troop sells lots of popcorn, you will have more money for fun events! Since I sold so much, our Troop has a lot more money and now we don’t have to pay camping fees. Make sure to thank your parents for the work they've done to help you with your sells and remember to set a goal and surpass it if you can. Good luck everyone!" 

Christopher Obremski

Parents: For more information on how this fundraiser works,
watch this video with information from Teresa Barnett, Scout parent and District Kernel for Ozark Trails Council. You can also visit our website at www.ocbsa.org/popcorn-2014.

Good Turn Corner
Pack 227's 'Good Turn' Recycling Initiative Raises Funds to Improve Oso Lake Scout Camp
Pack 227, of Pacifica District, enjoyed numerous outings at Oso Lake Scout Camp so when the Scouts were challenged with the "Adopt-A-Project" initiative, they gladly adopted the service project and raised over $500 for the betterment of the camp. Amanda Smith, Den 8 Leader, brought the Cub Scout "Adopt-A-Project" flyer to the pack's attention after her husband saw it promoted in a fishing magazine. 

All of the boys in the pack participated and raised $256 which was then matched by the Pack Committee. The Scouts raised the money through recycling efforts and 100% of the proceeds were gifted to Oso Lake. "I wanted them to be involved directly, and not just have their parents write a check. I wanted them to experience the pride of contributing," Smith said. 

To thank them for their Good Turn, the pack was invited to Oso Lake for a check presentation which was followed by a day of fishing. Thank you, Pack 227, for doing your Good Turn and truly making a difference!

Commissioner's Corner
A Tale of Two Troops: Do Small or Large Troops Provide a Better Scouting Experience? 
 John A. Hovanesian, MD  currently serves as the Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America Council Commissioner. As the OCBSA Council Commissioner, John offers advice and guidance to leaders and parents on how to find success in a Scouting program. He has extensive experience in the Scouting program and is a valuable asset. Read about John's musings in his Commissioner's Blog

I recently returned from a week at summer camp with my 11-year-old son and Boy Scout Troop 35, chartered by the Laguna Presbyterian Church in Laguna Beach.  I also had the chance to observe many troops in action--in particular a very impressive group from San Clemente, Troop 772, chartered by the Mission Lutheran Church in Laguna Niguel.

Troop 772, with ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­134 registered members, took 72 boys to camp. With 19 leaders the troop took up two large campsites. They had an impressive array of equipment, well-uniformed boys and adults, and they always made a positive and strong impression before the rest of the camp. This troop clearly has its act together. Collectively, their boys earned 207 merit badges, almost 3 per Scout, according to Scoutmaster Mike Paige.

Troop 35, with 17 boys at camp, making up three patrols, had five adults present.  Also well- uniformed, they too regularly made a positive impression on both staff and other units at camp.  Collectively, their 17 boys, with five in the new Scout program, earned 55 merit badges, again about 3 per Scout.
So which troop offers a better Scouting experience?  Take your pick.  I had extensive conversations with leaders from both units and found both to be extremely engaged in the program delivered to boys, with close focus on the boys’ personal development as a first priority. This unwavering focus was identical in the two units, despite their widely disparate sizes. Though both offer very different atmospheres, each troop is focused on the individual development of a boy becoming prepared for life with Scouting principles learned in an outdoor setting under dedicated, capable leadership.  Both offer leadership access and opportunity for advancement to boys and both have very high morale.

When seeking a Scouting unit for your son, larger troops and packs usually offer a well-organized system with plentiful leaders (how else would they grow to that size?).  But don’t overlook the close friendships and cultivated Scouting experience that can occur in a medium-sized or even small troops where everyone knows each other so well.

- John A. Hovanesian, MD
OCBSA Council Commissioner
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