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Watch and share this one minute video. It could make all the difference.

Knowledge really can save lives. In Scouting, we instill age-appropriate lessons to prepare children for whatever may come in their future. This video more poignantly conveys that value of Scouting than anything I have ever seen: tragedy strikes, and a Scout (or former Scout) trained in how to conduct himself (or herself) in such an emergency performs a remarkable feat. If it doesn't pull at the heartstrings every parent, I don't know what will. Please share it (and this blog) with friends who are not yet in Scouting. 

The video, produced by the Scouts of South Africa dramatically portrays the kind of scene that plays out hundreds of times a year around the world.


Empower a child, and impact a community, by watching and sharing this video with all your Scouting friends.

In our own Orange County at our February annual recognition dinner, we just recognized two of our own Scouts as Honor Medal Award recipients. The first heroic Scout was Ian Casson. On a backpacking trip with his troop in Havasupai, Arizona Ian and his fellow Scouts were hiking down a trail to see Mooney Falls when boys from another troop camping nearby frantically informed them of a Scout who was being held underwater by the powerful hydraulic current generated by the 200ft. waterfall while two other Scouts were stranded on a thin rock ledge behind. By the time Ian reached the waterfall, the Scout trapped underwater had been brought ashore and was receiving CPR.  Ian assisted in rescuing the two others using an improvised harness connected to an inner tube.  He then assisted in the administering CPR until medical professionals arrived on scene. For his honorable actions of saving and attempting to save a life with unusual heroism and extraordinary skill at extreme risk to himself, Ian Casson was awarded the Honor Medal with crossed palms by the National Court of Honor of the Boy Scouts of America.

Our second Honor Medal recipient was Laksh Sagar, who saved the life of his younger brother, Ansh, when he fell in a swimming pool unnoticed by adults at a child’s birthday party. Using his Scout lifesaving skills, Laksh laid on the pool deck and was able to reach his brother's collar to lift him and hold his head out of the water, despite his brother's heavy clothing and jacket. He called for help and was able to summon adults who assisted in completing the rescue. For his act of heroism, Laksh Sagar was awarded the Honor Medal by the National Court of Honor of the Boy Scouts of America.

Remarkable stories like these are not unusual. The National Court of Honor of the Boy Scouts awards over 100 awards for heroism or saving a life each year. And these are just the events that reach their attention!

Consider the impact of your sharing this video with friends whose children are not in Scouting. The lessons they can learn from membership in our movement could one day immeasurably change the world for someone in need.

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