EV Fest Announces nearing 30 Exhibitors - Including OEM's, Corporations, Private Businesses, and more!
EV Fest 2012
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Free Tickets!

We now have Free Tickets for EV Fest 2012 : While my strength has generally been in exhibitor registrations, one of my exhibitors from EV Fest 2011 asked about some way to allow them to invite their friends to EV Fest for Free, so this year - each exhibitor has been given their own special Discount Code to share with Friends, and contacts to get to EV Fest 2012 for Free! Yes - Free! Just ask them if they have any ticket passes left for EV Fest 2012!
Accelerated Systems Client Tractor - using one of their Controllers

Accelerated Systems

Bring you Electric Vehicle Components: Another Company making the building blocks of Electric Vehicles: Motor Controllers and More!
Buy a Ticket and see them at EV Fest 2012!

Nearly 30 Exhibitors!

Zero Motorcycles Coming!

Toyota brings Prius PHV!

EV Fest in Japanese Auto Magazine!

More News!

With just about 3 weeks to go to EV Fest 2012, and just 2 weeks left for exhibitor registrations - we are coming to the home stretch: We now have over 28 Exhibits for EV Fest 2012 : Before the Week is over - you can see on our exhibit page over 28 Exhibits from just 27 Exhibitors! Some Interesting Additons soon!

As you can see on our exhibitor list page - there is a growing list of exhibitors, and some have more than one vehicle coming! One of our second Vehicle Exhibitors - Steve Dallas - has his extra vehicle introduced in this update! Others soon to come will be mentioned in our next update! Aaron is back with his 48V Rage Scooter!

As you can also see, we have new exhibitors coming to EV Fest 2012, as well as many of our last years exhibitors returning to share with you updates, news, and progress on their EV Conversions, Product Placement and Growth, and new Product available for you to just buy and drive! Two such updated Vehicles are the new 2012 ZERO Motorcycle's and the 2012 Prius PHV! See them at EV Fest 2012!

We have been approached by a Journalist from a Japanese Auto Magazine about doing a Story on EV Fest 2012! He will be attending EV Fest to learn more about what we are doing here! He has converted a vehicle to Electric Drive himself, and understands EV's.

This last few days have become interesting - with some potential exhibitors coming out of the woodwork! Phone Calls and emails coming in from contacts - asking to exhibit at EV  Fest 2012! If you have a favorite Product, Vehicle, or Service you think should be at EV Fest 2012, don't be shy - just tell them you think they should be here - and why! Or email me their information, and tell me you would like to see them at EV Fest 2012! **Volunteers Still needed! *Early Risers, Leaders, too!
1916 Rausch & Lang Electric Vehicle

Rauch & Lang Coming

This 1916 Rauch & Lang Electric Vehicle: Brought to our viewing pleasure by Steve Dallas of Toronto Electric! Cost: $2,800 in 1916; today’s value: $56,500. Learn More about this amazing Early Electric Vehicle!
2012 Toyota Prius Hybrid

Prius PHV

Toyota Canada Brings the now Available Prius PHV: As seen on the Toyota Canada Facebook page - July 17th Post - the Prius Plugin is now available in Canada, and if you missed it before - it is coming to EV Fest 2012!
Zero Motorcycles 2012 Lineup!

ZERO Motorcycles

Oakville Yamaha brings you the New 2012 Zero: If you thought the Zero Was Great from what you saw at EV Fest 2011 - Wait until you see what they have done with batteries for the 2012 Model Year!
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